Zoya Entice & Ignite Collections for Fall 2014: Swatches & Review!

Provided for review

Hellooooo!  This evening I have the gorgeous Fall releases from Zoya to share with you: Zoya Entice & Ignite!  Like usual, this release is made up of two six-piece sets.  Entice is a set of cremes and Ignite is a set of classically amazing Zoya glass flecks (holy moly...Ignite.....!!!!).  In this post, we will look at both Entice and Ignite!  Usually, when fall collections start coming out, it's still in the mid-90s and sunny here in Ohio, but we have had the weirdest (yet beautiful most of the time) summer this year...it hasn't hit the 90s once and we've had lots of gloomy days...but the mid-70s and sunny days have made up for that!  Anyway, the cooler summer has me in the mood for fall, so I am ready for these shades!  Let's take a look...

All swatches in this post were done with CND Stickey base coat, two coats of color, and Out the Door top coat.  All descriptions in italics are directly from Zoya.

First up, we have the six-piece Zoya Entice Collection.  This set includes creme polishes in traditional fall shades.  First up is Zoya Claire, a warm rich burgundy with brown-tones.  Classically creamy Zoya formula. 

Zoya Genevieve is a cool leather gray with a slight sheen in its creme finish.  This was the only one that had a thinner formula, but it was still opaque in two coats.  I love a good gray for fall!

Zoya Margo is a modern red plum this is so perfectly autumn!  I know that clients will love shades like this, even if it's not something I wear often.  Very pretty.

Zoya Nyssa is a milk chocolate brown creme.  Brown is obviously so in for Fall 2014!

Zoya Ryan is probably my favorite from the Entice Collection.  This is a classic indigo that feels almost like a blackened teal in some lights.  I like it a lot for fall.  From a distance, you'd probably think it was black.  So chic for the upcoming season!

And finally, we have Zoya Veronica, a brilliant red wine.  Another shade that is classic for fall, but not really my style.  Still, this is really pretty!

So to be honest, the Entice Collection wouldn't really impress me on its own.  I like Genevieve and Ryan a lot and they are super pretty but none of these shades are ultra-unique.  And I'm just personally not a fan of all of the red-plums in this set.  They're all really pretty...just not personally my style.  Despite that, the formulas on all of these were easy to work with and they all had that classic Zoya creaminess!

Now for the star of the how...the Zoya Ignite Collection!  This set includes six glass fleck polishes with a shimmer that is just fabulous!  These were all super easy to work with and flawless in two coats.  I think this whole collection is a must-have for any Zoya or polish collector!  First up is Zoya Autumn.  Appropriately named, this is varnished copper liquid metal polish that just screams "fall" to me.  The gold shimmer in this one is so pretty!

Zoya India is a luxurious red with a gold liquid metal shimmer.  Luxurious indeed!  While I wasn't crazy about the red-ish shades in the Entice Collection, the shimmer in this one makes it fabulous.  It is so deep and rich!

Zoya Remy is an amazing brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid metallic.  While the Zoya description doesn't say it, I think there is a lot of green in this polish as well.  Very mermaid-y!  So pretty!

Zoya Sansa is a deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle.  Very, very pretty!  I wouldn't usually gravitate towards shades like this, but I can't wait to wear this when boots and sweater weather arrives!

Zoya Teigen is a pink-toned violet with copper liquid metal.  I would describe it as a pinker fall red.  Very pretty...it could be a nice transitional shade into early-fall!

Finally we have Zoya Yuna, which is a warm gray with copper and gold liquid metal.  So awesome.  There are definitely green-tones in the gray, which makes it perfect for fall.  I can't wait to wear this one when it gets colder!

To summarize - these are great releases from Zoya for Fall 2014!  The Entice Collection is high quality and classic, but the Ignite Collection is a MUST HAVE for all polish junkies!  So amazing :)  I can't wait to wear all of these shades and play with them in nail art.  The Entice & Ignite Collections are available for pre-order now on zoya.com and should be shipping soon (if not already).  Word on the street is that they have been spotted at Ulta as well.  Which of these gorgeous fall shades will you be picking up?!


  1. I definitely need the Ignite collection! Great swatches, as always!!!

  2. Both are gorgeous, gorgeous sets. I look forward to Zoya's fall collections all year round :)

  3. I love the whole Ignite collection and I will buy it as soon as my paycheck arrives :)

  4. Some of the Ignite will be mine as well as corresponding Entice cremes!

  5. Just curious if you've done a comparison with Remy and Zoya Charla? They look super similar to me from these pics, and I'm wondering if they're different enough for me to justify adding Remy to my collection.


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