Halloween Black Cat Mani [TUTORIAL]

Hello polished friends!  Last year, my black cat manicure was probably my most popular Halloween manicure, so I decided to do a tutorial for you this year about how I did it!  This one should be pretty easy for even beginner nail artists, because it really does not require any fancy tools at all!  Aside from your normal manicure supplies, you'll just need black and white stripers, which you can easily pick up at your local Sally Beauty Supply!

The Lacquerologist's Black Cat Halloween Mani Tutorial!

You will need:
  • Base coat and top coat of choice
  • Black nail polish (I'm using butter LONDON Union Jack Black)
  • Gold nail polish (I'm using Polished by Alexandra Don't Scare My Crow with a coat of OPI Goldeneye for a little extra sparkle)
  • Black striper (or striping brush and black polish)
  • White striper (or striping brush and white polish)
  • Clean-up brush and acetone

1.  Prep your nails and apply base coat.  Perform a manicure, polishing your pointer and pinky nails in black polish and your middle, ring and thumb nails in gold polish.

2.  Using the black striper, create angled, football shaped eyes on the middle and ring fingers.  

3.  Using the striper (and/or the black polish bottle brush, depending on the size of your nails), fill in the background of the gold nails so that just the eyes show in gold.

4.  Create the pupils, using your black striper.

5.  On your pinky and pointer nails, add a few white lines from the inner corner of the nails to create whiskers.

6.  If you'd like, on your thumb, you can add detail of a curly tail or a cat silhouette.  For something easy, you could do black stripes or dots over your gold thumb nail.

7.  Finish your manicure with clean-up and top coat.

Easy enough!  This manicure was a big hit last year, and I even won an NCLA Halloween nail art contest with it!  Will you try this simple, haunting manicure?!

butter LONDON and Polished by Alexandra polishes used in this post were provided for previous review.


  1. Adorable! I'll do it with the gold on top though. Saves polish, and would probably be easier to me, but it's always nice to see different ways of doing things! :D

  2. This is adorable! I love it. What a unique look!

  3. Adorable. I am going to have to do this cute little Halloween kitty. I love the golden eyes. It reminds me of I Dream of Jeannie where she's in the magic bottle and all you see is her huge blue eyes with lashes.

  4. Cute! I love all black cat art around Halloween time!

  5. This is really awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! <3


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