Zoya Cashmeres and Satins for Fall 2013: Swatches and Review!

Product provided for review

Good evening friends!  I keep myself on a pretty tight blogging schedule, and usually plan my posts ahead.  When I swatch a polish or do some nail art, I know exactly when it will post, even if it's not for a week or two after I do it!  In other words, I don't tend to swatch and post in the same day.  However, when these beauties landed on my porch today, I was thrilled that I had the afternoon off; I dropped everything and got to swatching, and I want to post them immediately for you!  No strict schedule here!  =) 

Zoya's Fall Collection is split into two sets: Zoya Cashmeres which features six full coverage cremes in sultry fall hues and Zoya Satins which features five full coverage metallics and a special edition gold topper.  As is common with Zoya, many of these shades were custom designed Fashion Week shades, and I will fill you on that as we go!  At this point, I also want to remind you about the Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust shades as well...that's 18 gorgeous new shades for autumn!  The descriptions in italics are directly from Zoya, and they are spot on! =) 

First let's take a look at the Zoya Cashmeres Collection...great formula on all six of these, so I won't bother saying that over and over!  They all applied well in two coats with Out the Door!

Zoya Livingston is a full coverage fall red cream.  I would call this more of a crelly finish, and you get a little visible nail line with two coats and Out the Door.  Classic...should be expected in a fall collection!

Zoya Pepper is a full coverage brick red cream originally designed for Peter Som Autumn/Winter 2013.  Again, an autumn classic.  Two coats with Out the Door.

Zoya Sailor is a full coverage dark navy cream.  This practically applied itself.  Two coats with Out the Door.

Zoya Hunter is a full coverage dark sea cream.  Two coats with Out the Door.  This is a "dark" green but it still has a brightness to it!  Love it!

Zoya Louise is a full coverage chocolate brown cream.  I didn't think I'd like this, but I love it for the cooler months!  I think this will be great with a variety of skin tones too!  Two coats with Out the Door.

Lastly for the Cashmeres, we have Zoya Flynn, a full coverage camel brown nude cream.  This is a nice nude that still has some color to it.  Very pretty.  Two coats, Out the Door.

The Zoya Satins Collection is all about metallics, which Zoya does so, so well.  Just like the Cashmeres, these had great formulas and applied really easily...let's take a look!

Zoya Channing is a full coverage rust red copper metallic.  I love this!  It's like autumn in a bottle, and still has a great brightness!  This is two easy coats with Out the Door top coat.

Zoya Mason is a full coverage red violet "Fandango Pink" metallic originally designed for Zang Toi Spring/Summer 2013.  This is gorgeous and bright...a great jewel tone for fall.  The sparkle in this is beautiful.  Two coats with Out the Door.

Zoya Claudine is a full coverage meteorite gray metallic.  This is great...almost black.  I am really looking forward to using this in some nail art applications as well!  This is two coats with Out the Door, but with a thick coat, it could be a one-coater.

Zoya Neve is a full coverage sapphire blue metallic originally designed for Zang Toi Autumn/Winter 2013.  Sparkle sparkle sparkle! This is gorgeous.  Two coats with Out the Door.

Zoya Giovana is a full coverage lush emerald green metallic originally designed for Zang Toi Autumn/Winter 2013.  Here I've used two coats, which looked fine in real life, but under the lights and macro lens, three coats would have covered the visible nail line.  Such a pretty emerald...color of the year!

And finally, Zoya Maria-Luisa is the Special Edition Satins Topper!  This is a sparkling cellophane gold topper originally designed for Rafael Cennamo Autumn/Winer 2013.  When I saw promo images, I thought this would just be an artificial gold flake top coat, similar to Zoya Gilty, but it's really not.  These gold flakes are so reflective and beautiful!  Here I've layered one coat over Mason and Giovanna with Out the Door!  Blob and spread the glitter around the nail and you get great coverage in one coat!

It usually takes quite a lot to get me excited about fall and winter shades, but these are really great!  The perfect blend of dark shades that are traditionally autumn with a splash of brightness that keeps the collection colorful and fun!  The Satins and Cashmeres are available NOW at zoya.com for $8 each or in sampler sets for $48 each! Are there any here that you must have?!


  1. These are so beautiful! They look stunning on you!

  2. I am so excited for these. I like the Cashmeres the best, but the foil topper is exciting, too.

  3. Very pretty! I think the satins may be my favorites!

  4. Wow, girl...you're a machine! I love Neve!!!

  5. Oh, I can't wait to try these. Great swatches!

  6. It's so interesting how seeing these colors make me want the fall season to come quick! That Topper is beautiful. I can only imagine how it looks in person. Thanks for being a lean mean swatching machine. I am so looking forward to having all of these.

  7. Very pretty! :) love the blues and greens!

  8. Great swatches! I can't wait to put these on when they arrive! :)

  9. These are the first swatches I've seen! I love them!

  10. I wish we could get zoya here more easily! Love them!

  11. Oh those satins are right up my street, love them!

  12. Now THAT is a fall collection! I especially love the Cashmere's! ♥

  13. Did these stain? The reds looked like they miiight have stained your cuticles a bit. That's the biggest thing for me- I find it's not worth my time or money to buy "stainers"!

  14. I didn't wear them long enough to speak about any staining on the nail plate, but I always get a bit of staining with reds on my cuticles, no matter how careful I am! Plus, from swatching these 12 polishes right in a row, my cuticles were really drying out fast, so that might have influenced the staining...the polish didn't clean up nice around my rugged dry cuticles...hope that makes sense!

  15. Thanks! The colors are beautiful, I just don't want to waste cash on stainers, since I end up not wearing them (looking at you, bright-colored Juleps from a few months ago!)

  16. You are such a machine! haha.. Great job!


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