Salon Perfect Neon Collision: Swatches and Review!

Product provided for review

Happy Saturday and happy June, friends!  Today I have three polishes from the Salon Perfect Neon Collision Collection to share with you!  These polishes are made up of neon matte micro-glitters in clear bases, so there are tons of different ways to wear them!  The press release says that they build up to opacity in 2-3 coats, but here I decided to wear them layered.  I layered them over black and white so that you can really see what's in the bottle!

First up is Salon Perfect Jolt, which is a mix of yellow and orange neon matte glitters in a clear base.  Here I've layered one thick layer over black and white with Out the Door.  Strangely, over black, a neon green shows up!  Crazy!

Salon Perfect Zapped is a mix of yellow and turquoise matte neon glitters (Sunny Floam dupe?).  This is one thick coat over black and white with Out the Door!

Finally, I have Salon Perfect Shocked, a hot pink and turquoise mix.  So fantastic.  Again, this is one coat over black and white, with Out the Door.

Like I said before, you'd be able to build these up to opacity, but it may get a bit thick.  While the black and white show all of the colors of the glitters quite well, you could wear these over many colors!  I found them a bit difficult to keep even, but with careful application they will be fine!  There are three others in this collection: Bang (orange and yellow), Exploded (reddish orange and yellow), and Kaboom (turquoise and yellow).  They are available exclusively at Walmart starting June 2013 for $3.98 each!


  1. as soon as payday rolls around i'll be hunting these down in walmart!

  2. I was impressed that my local Walmart had all of these and other neons. Kaboom is a really good Ninja Polish Floam dupe, fyi. If Floam as been a lemming of yours, I would suggest picking this up.

  3. I love these! I am so GLAD mainstream is going all out and trying to make unique stuff!! I wish I could find them!!

  4. Wow, the polishes look so different depending on how you layer them! Very cool!

  5. Great idea to swatch these over black and white! I checked my Walmart. No joy. Boo.


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