Zoya Stunning Collection for Summer 2013: Swatches and Review!

Product provided for review

Good afternoon friends!  I just received these in the mail yesterday, and I had to swatch them immediately!  This is the Zoya Stunning Collection for Summer 2013.  Last year, Zoya's summer releases got me totally hooked on the brand (everyone remember Zuza?!) so I was really excited to dig into this year's.  The Summer PixieDusts did not disappoint, and you know I loooove cremes, so my expectations for the Stunning Collection were high!  The colors are great, but I had a few formula issues.  Let's check them out!

First up is Zoya Darcy, a bright yellow creme.  Unfortunately I can't report that this is the best yellow ever, or anything like that; the formula was a bit streaky, but an extra coat evened it out very nicely.  This is three coats with Out the Door.  Still, very bright and super summery...with a little suntan, this one will glow!

Zoya Thandie is an orange creme.  Again, I used three coats with Out the Door just to ensure that all the streaks were covered, but with super careful application you could get away with two coats.  Growing up, my school colors were orange and black, so whenever I see a traditional orange like this, I can't help but think of that, however I am trying really hard to look passed that to see the awesome summer shade that Thandie is!

Zoya Micky is a classic bubblegum pink crelly polish with some nice depth to its color.  In certain lights, you can see a super subtle shimmery sheen!  I was so excited to put it on, but I had some formula issues with this one.  I had to re-do my swatch because the cuticle drag was so bad with my normal application technique.  The second time I applied it, I let each coat dry for about ten minutes before applying the next and there was still some drag that was visible up close in real life.  This is three coats with Out the Door.  I love the color though, so it's worth the careful application!

The other pink in the collection, Zoya Yana is a darker bright pink creme with a super subtle shimmery sheen.  I am happy to report that the formula on this one was wonderful!  Two coats with Out the Door.

Onto the cool tones!  Zoya Rocky is a dusty sky blue creme.  Flawless Zoya formula.  This is two coats with Out the Door.  At first glance it appears to be a bit more blue than Essie In The Cab-ana, but I am yet to do a side-by-side comparison.  There's always room for more colors like this in my collection =)

Finally we have Zoya Josie, a perfect grass green creme.  Love this shade!  Again, perfect Zoya formula that was flawless in two coats with Out the Door.

I am loving the colors in this collection...I love that Darcy, Thandie, and Josie are such traditional tones that you could pull them right off the rainbow.  I wish the formula was a bit easier to work with on Micky, but overall, this is a great collection of cremes!  I LOVE cremes because they are so phenomenal to use in nail art, so I promise you will hear these names over and over as I do nail art all summer!  The Zoya Stunning Collection is available NOW at zoya.com for $8 each!


  1. Ahh! I'm very excited for these thanks to the awesome swatches. :) Creme finishes are my favorite and these look perfect.

  2. Very pretty! The green stands out to me!

  3. What I like best about this collection is how strong the polishes are together (even if there isn't one particular "stunner" for me). I like Josie and Rocky and Yana, but I can see myself collecting the whole set!


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