Haute Polish Gel Nails Kit: Review Part 1!

Disclaimer:  This review is over a year old, and since I wrote this post, there may have been changes to the Haute Polish system and/or their claims.  I cannot endorse the $14.95 BOGO promo or the customer service of this company, as I have not dealt with them directly recently.

Today I have something a little different for my blog, and I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous about it!  When Emily from Haute Polish contacted me about reviewing their gel polish system, I was excited and knew I wanted to do it, but I was terrified to keep a single polish on for up to two weeks!  However, when I saw the color selection offered by Haute Polish, my mind was put at ease!  Today I will share with you my experience with application and my overall impressions of the system, and sometime next week you'll get to see Part 2, where I'll catalogue my wear test!  Like I said this is definitely a new thing for me, but I'm excited to share it with you...gel nails are so "in" right now and they really are super convenient for the normal person.  I am used to changing my polish all the time so it's a bit hard for me to not mess with my nails, but I certainly am happy to have the option of simple, at-home gel nails!

According to the Haute Polish FAQ page, "Haute Polish is the only solvent–free "One step" gel nail system. The "One-Step" formulation eliminates the need of three separate steps and acts as a self-leveling base, color lacquer, and protecting top coat all in one easy to use product, making Haute Polish the fastest gel manicure in the market. This unique gel system is dramatically different from every other gel product on the market. It applies in one coat (no base or top coat required) and sets in 15 to 60 seconds under our LED Smart Light. The entire application process can be completed in under 10 minutes. Haute Polish, the first solvent-free gel nail polish system, delivers all of the great benefits and long wear of traditional gel nail polish without the damaging side effects. Our innovative formulation allows Haute Polish to be easily removed from nails in 5 minutes without the need of scraping, drilling or damaging grinding; makingHaute Polish a healthier gel nail option."  More questions?  See their FAQ page [here]!

So first things first, the Haute Polish Gel Nail Polish Kit comes with everything you need to do your own gel nail polish manicures at home, including the LED light that cures the polish.  This kit is $79 and is available [here].  My fear of gel nails probably stems from my general distaste for conservative polish shades, which is often the main choice in these gel nail polish lines, but with Haute Polish that is not true!  I am thrilled with the color selection!  I received Classic Red (comes with the kit), Currency, and Patina to review!  You can see available shades [here].  Each polish shade retails for $16 or trios of shades can be purchased for $42!  Below you can see what is included in the starter kit: Smart Talking LED light, nail polish color Classic Red, Cleanser/ Finisher wipe packets, Remover packets, nail buffer, and detailing wands.  

12/31/12 Day 1: Application

I applied my gel nail polish on December 31, 2012 around 11:30AM (so yes, by the time you are reading this, I am several days into my wear test!  And yes, I had plenty of posts scheduled for you all while I'm living in a one-nail-polish-shade-world).  This was the first time I had worked with the Haute Polish system, and I followed the instructions included in the kit.  As a nail technician, I do use a gel nail polish system in my spa, so there were a few steps that I thought I could maybe add or tweak due to my experience, but for this trial run, I followed the Haute Polish instructions exactly!

I removed my previous manicure using acetone and a cotton ball and then washed my hands with soap and water, and dried well.  I made sure my nails were filed the way I like and my cuticles were pushed back.  I then used the provided buffer to rough up my nail plate.  I really don't like doing this because you are damaging your nails, but it does help product adhere to the nail plate better (and like I said, I followed all instructions!).  I then used the Cleanser/Finisher wipes to clean the nail dust off my nails and prep the nail plate.  The Cleanser/Finisher wipes are 70% isopropyl alcohol.  I then let the alcohol evaporate (about 30 seconds).  Then I began polishing!  

For this manicure, I used Haute Polish Patina, a bright blue teal!  The gel polish is a bit thicker than most regular nail polish formulas, and there may be a learning curve for application if you haven't worked with gel nail polish before.  The Haute Polish brush is very short and stiff, which allows you to have a lot of control over where your polish goes!  No top coat or base coat...it's all included in the polish.  The one place that I did stray from the instructions, was that I used my own clean up brush with acetone for clean up, instead of the detailing wands that were included in the set.  I just knew that I'd get a better result that way!  After one coat of polish was applied, I cleaned up around my cuticles and sidewalls, because as soon as you cure that coat under the light, you can't clean it up!  Always clean up each coat before curing!  Very important!  I ended up using three coats of Haute Polish Patina to obtain the opacity and color vibrance I wanted!  Thin coats to avoid bubbling!  Always wrap tips to avoid shrinkage.

The LED light that comes with the kit is quite nice; it is small, compact and simple.  My only complaint is that you can't really get your thumb under the light at the same time as your other four fingers.  Luckily, the light is self-timed and rather quick (under 60s per coat) so I just did my four fingers first, and then again with my thumb.  All you have to do is press the power button, the light comes on, and the timer turns it off when it's done!  When you are done curing the final coat of polish on your nails, you need to remove the tacky inhibition layer from you nails using the Cleanser/Finisher wipes.  I ended up using three wipes for the entire manicure, so you'll probably go through those quick (but remember, they are 70% isopropyl alcohol, so it would be easy to replenish that part of the kit!).

Overall, I am happy with the Haute Polish Patina shade...it is really gorgeous and shiny!  I wrapped my tips, but I did have a tiny bit of shrinkage despite that.  I feel like that's something I can fix with practice.  Let's take a look at the polish immediately after application!!

Yes, even the right hand is making an appearance!
I figure wear and tear will show up there first, as it is my dominant hand!

I am keeping a daily diary of activities that could affect the wear of my nails and will be taking daily pictures!  I am determined to last at least 7 days without changing polish!  We'll see how it goes!!  I'll report back to you soon! =)

See Part 2 [HERE]!


  1. Really interested to see how you do with this! I love painting my nails but often choose to gel them for work through lack of time, so something like Haute which eliminates a lot of the steps sounds brilliant! I love the blue youve used too!

  2. Very pretty color! I love how shiny they look :)

  3. What a great color! This is seriously making me consider getting a kit for times when I'm out of town or will be unable to change my polish. I can't wait to see the wear test!!

  4. i already have a gel kit but am interested in their polishes. having to skip base and top coat would save a lot of time and they look like they have some fun colors. thanks for the review.

  5. I bought from them and it was sticky and I followed the directions to the last step. I got the 3in1 polish and it chipped off two days later. I called customer care and the woman was RUDE as ever and spoke to like I was an idiot. Mind you, I've been getting the no chip manicure for years professionally. Google the reviews and you'll see, I'm NOT the only one.

    1. In this comment are you referring to the Haute Polish?? Kinda confusing because in your blog you seem to be happy with it. I just saw the commercial & was interested in buying it but I've been scammed by so called trial offers before & wanted to check out reviews before I spent my money.

  6. Sounds neat, a one step system. Does the lamp really talk? I guess that doesn't seem so far-fetched.

  7. I have not received my haute polish kit, but they have charged my cc for the trial period, first payment, and colors they say I ordered. I spoke with Sherri in cust serv that was the rudest person I have ever spoken with. She could not explain all the charges, and got upset because I wanted an answer about the charges, before I received the kit. If you call with a question, how are they if you need to return the kit?

  8. Worst polish ever! Very dissatisfied. Couldn't get refund.. funny reason why..I didn't receive my order until 27 days after I ordered. I didn't try it until 3-4 days later and lo and behold..my 30 day trial was up. I actually switched cc so they cannot charge me for this horrible product. Super rude on phone also.

  9. going to try since its only 15$

  10. I have been using the haute gel one step polish for six months and love it , do you know what chemicals it contains I have started reacting to the polish itching swelling blistering and peeling skin around my nails can you advise me or help? thanks

  11. WARNING! The $14.95 is a scam. THAT IS NOT WHAT
    YOU ARE CHARGED! It's just $14.95 to TRY the
    damn thing, then you'll get automatically charged $66 MORE to your credit
    card & $22 in polish will be shipped to you every month w/a restocking
    charge if you don't want it. HautePolish is just another company trying the
    BAIT & SWITCH move to make you think you're getting such at
    deal at $14.95 - YOU'RE NOT!

  12. I purchased this hautepolish kit, immediately cancel the enrollment and still received an automatic delivery of nail polish and was billed $22.00. I do not like the polish its to watery and thin and it took almost an hour to get the polish off my nails. This is false advertisement, the nail polish colors are nothing like the presentations and I've requested a 2nd cancellation of this awful product.
    The 14.95 is a scam

  13. I so agree with you I ordered it on a trial basis they talked me into upgrading the light kit and then when I receive it I tried it the Polish peels and it was very sticky I try to order my 2 free polish and they charge you shipping they want your credit card so I called I want to return it I got an offer buy one get one I have to send them both back and they charge a restocking fee 25 I agree this is a gimmick and a polish is very expensive

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