butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Bespoke Lacquers: Swatches and Review

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!  Today I have three shades from the butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Collection to show you.  I was pretty excited when I saw previews for this collection, because I was anticipating gorgeous pastels with that signature butter LONDON formula, but sadly, it didn't quite play out that way.  The colors are great, but the formula was a little sub-par for a $15 polish.  If I had paid a few bucks for these at the drugstore, I'd be fine with the formula, but for butter LONDON, I was slightly disappointed.  But with careful application, they are beautiful, so let's take a look!

First up is butter LONDON Jasper, a creamy yellow pastel.  This is three careful coats with Out the Door top coat.  I usually like to apply thin coats of polish, but with this one, I had to cut back on the pressure I put on my brush and apply slightly thicker coats and allow long dry time between coats.  It's worth it though...this buttery shade will be awesome for spring!

butter LONDON Molly Coddled is a pastel purple creme.  This is two thicker coats of polish with careful application, and you can see in the photo that there is some streakiness, even with Out the Door top coat.  This one didn't level out too well, but I am really liking the color.  It manages to be a pure purple pastel...not really lavender.

Finally, butter LONDON Fruit Machine is a soft pastel pink creme.  I think this is my favorite of these three.  Again, this is two thicker coats of polish with careful application.  I put very little pressure on the brush as I applied the polish so I didn't create any drag or brush marks in the polish (yes, brush strokes in a creme polish that costs $15.......).  I finished with Out the Door for this swatch.  This is sweet and girly and I really like it, but it's such a common color that I'm sure I could find one with better formula for a better price.  Really pretty though!

So there you have it...the first butter LONDON polishes I've ever had that I'm not over the moon about.  I like the pastels for spring, but I feel like these aren't super unique compared to some of the other butter   LONDON polishes out there.  Also, butter LONDON upped the price on this collection to $15 (and it appears that all their polishes now cost that much).  For $15, I want a gorgeous, unique, flawless polish that basically applies itself, and I didn't get that here.  If you're a butter LONDON fanatic, you'll probably still want these, but I'm going to pass on the rest of the collection (mint green bL Fiver, coral bL Kerfuffle, and tan bL Cuppa).  However, if you'd like to pick up these shades, they are available for $15 at butterlondon.com [here]!


  1. A Girl and Her PolishJanuary 25, 2013 at 6:50 AM

    Jasper is the only one I REALLY want! I drool for this shade of yellow! :)

  2. I love these! I want the other 3 BADLY.

  3. I think the collection is awesome. Perhaps you are a bit critical because you didn't actually pay for it? Just a thought.

  4. If you are a newbie at nails as I am, you might want to be sure a professional applies this for you so that it will look fantastic - I have the lavendar on right now but I could not have made it look so good by myself.

  5. do you know of any more affordable and/or better application formulas for a pale yellow? I've been looking for one, and the color of jasper is perfect -- but the price tag is a tad steep :o Thanks!


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