Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 15.2: Recreate Fav: BeautyGnome!

Hi everyone!  Today is day 15.2 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge here at The Lacquerologist!  Today I am recreating my favorite manicure created by Jessica of BeautyGnome =)  I chose her Day 9 Sponging look! =)   To see her original post, click [HERE]!  She does some really creative, original work that you must check out!

I started off with a base of Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White.  Once that was dry, I sponged on OPI That's Berry Daring, OPI Need Sunglasses?, and China Glaze Papaya Punch.  I topped it all off with two coats of Lynnderella Connect the Dots (duh duh DUUUH!  Cue the horror movie music!! haha).  This look was eye-catching and simple to achieve.  I feel like sponging really does give a huge payoff for how simple of technique it is!

Tomorrow will officially be the last day of the Challenge, as I recreate my favorite Sincerely Stephanie manicure! =)  Even though the other girls are done with the Challenge, you should still check out their blogs today and see what they are up to!


Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 15.1: Recreate Fav: Manicurator

Hi everyone!  Can you believe June is just about over and our little Challenge here is ending?!  It is officially Day 15 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge.  Today's prompt is to recreate your favorite manicure done by one of the Challenge participants.  Now, if you've been following along, you know that this would be near impossible to do since there has been so much great nail art from Stephanie, Jessica and Victoria!  So I'm cheating...today will "Day 15.1" where I will do my favorite from Victoria from Manicurator, and then tomorrow and Sunday will be Days 15.2 and 15.3, and I will feature looks from Sincerely Stephanie and BeautyGnome =)

So for Day 15.1, I am recreating Manicurator's stripe manicure from Day 10.  To see her original post, click [HERE]. <3

For this look I used Essie Case Study as my base since I do not have the color Victoria used, but I did use the same for the blue: Deborah Lippmann On The Beach.  I looooved this look and quite enjoyed wearing it! =)  On the Beach is a beautiful blue, and it worked well in this technique.

On my right hand, I did solid color nails instead of the stripes.  I sort of liked the contrast of two different hands!  And I love the accent nail look that I did.  It was fun to wear =)

Sorry about the shadow...

So I feel like the Challenge is all done, and it's sort of sad, but like I said above, I'm keeping it going for two more days with two more favorites!  So don't be too sad, friends! =)   And check out what the other ladies chose as their favorites!!


Essie Mirrored Metallics!

Hi everyone!  Today I have my picks from the Essie Mirrored Metallics Collection!  I was super excited to see these pop up at my local Walgreens.  I bought these three, but there are two other colors in the collection, a silver polish named No Place Like Chrome and a copper shade called Penny Talk.  These are the three shades that I chose...

All swatches are two coats with NYC top coat.  Formula on all three shades was very similar.  The finish on these polishes is very different from other "frosty" looking polishes I have.  Some brush strokes do show up, but these polishes have more of a reflective quality.  Difficult to describe, but very nice to wear =)  I feel like the Mirrored Metallics fall somewhere between a frost and foil....

First up is Essie Nothing Else Metals, a lilac metallic.  The color on this is beautiful and feminine.  This was the first one I swatched chronologically and I was very surprised by how quickly the polish dried.  You must work quickly and efficiently.  I had some problems with clumping, which resulted in the bubbly looking imperfections on my pointer finger.  I think this was because the polish dried and I overworked it once it was on the nail.  Even with this issue, the finished look is eye catching and unique!

Next up is Essie Good as Gold which, not surprisingly, is a gold metallic.  This is different from other golds in my collection. which are more foils.  This one had the same formula issues as Nothing Else Metals, but with more careful application, the bubbling imperfections were limited.

Finally we have Essie Blue Rhapsody, a cool blue metallic.  Of course, this is the polish I just had to have in the collection!  I am not dissapointed.  On the nail, it is very blue, but still somehow subtle.  Again, a little difficult to describe.  Same formula and application issues, but by the time I swatched this one, I was learning better technique.

I like the look of these polishes, and I am happy to see Essie do something different for a summer release!  However, the application of these polishes was challenging.  Due to the quick dry time for these, it is important to work quick...very quick.  Here are some application tips I picked up when swatching these:

  • Usually I paint my nails with a three-stroke technique starting in the center of the nail, then to both sides, but by the time I came to polish the second side, the center portion of polish had already dried and caused dragging.  Once I started polishing from one side of the nail to the other (instead of center first), dragging was decreased.  
  • It is very important that you apply one layer and let it dry completely before the next coat to avoid balding.  
  • Do not "overwork" the polish.  Apply...dry...apply.  
  • Don't try to corrrect your mistakes while your coat of polish is still wet; that will just cause dragging and balding.  This may seem like ramblings, but I'm just trying to pass this info along to you all =)

Overall, I like these Mirrored Metallics polishes.  They are surprisingly summery and feminine and a nice change of pace =)  Once I perfect the application, I am sure these will be some of my favs for the summer, that will transition well into Fall!  Which shades are you most excited about from this collection?  Thanks for reading!


Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 14: New Tutorial

Hi everyone!  Today is Day 14 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge and I am so thrilled to show you what I did for the New Tutorial Day!  For this challenge, each of us were to find a new-to-us look to recreate or tutorial to follow.  I am excited to see some new stuff to try from the other Challenge participants!

The tutorial I chose is the Fishtail Braid Nail Art Tutorial from Lucy's Stash.  To see the tutorial and Lucy's Stash's original post, please click [HERE]!

The polishes I chose for this look are Zoya RoryZoya Carly and Zoya Zuza.  Have I mentioned that the Zoya Surf Collection is pure perfection?!  They work super well for nail art and stamping because they are super pigmented!  Ahhh, flawless.  Way to go Zoya! =) 

This look was quite simple to achieve, and the tutorial over at Lucy's Stash makes it easy!  =)  I would definitely recommend it, as I got several complements on it!  So excited to see what the amazing bloggers I am in this Challenge with came up with!  I'm sure there are some awesome new-to-us tutorials to check out on their pages!

One day left!!


Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 13: Combo of 2

Hi everyone and welcome to Day 13 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge!  Lucky #13! =)  Today is the Combo day...a combination of at least two of the techniques we have used so far in the Challenge.  I love how my nails turned out and I am excited to share them with you!

For my two techniques, I chose sponging and household item (saran wrap nails).  The outcome is a super textural fascinating nail art technique! =)  It's like punk rock plus Lisa Frank!  haha!

To create this look, I started with a white base (two coats of Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White).  Once that dried, I sponged on three polishes in random areas of the nail.  This does not need to be perfect at all as it will be covered by the saran wrap nails in a bit.  I used China Glaze Pink Plumeria, China Glaze Sun-Kissed, and China Glaze Surfin' for Boys.  Once that dried completely, I painted on a nice thick coat of Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme and used the saran wrap technique to create the texture and expose the neon color underneath.  Even though I let the sponging dry, there were places where white shows through, but I think that looks cool.  I finished with a coat of NYC fast dry top coat.  To see my original posts with these techniques for the Challenge, click [here] and [here]!

Since this Challenge day has such an open ended prompt, I am even more excited that normal to see what my ultra creative Challenge Buddies have come up with!  Be sure to check them out <3


China Glaze Summer Neons...Part 2!

Hi everyone!  Today I have the other three polishes I picked up from the China Glaze Summer Neons collection!  All five of the polishes I purchased (see the first two HERE) have quickly become some of my favorites!  Flawlessly easy formulas and a shimmer to die for!...LOVE!  All swatches here are two coats with NYC top coat.

China Glaze Surfin' For Boys is a orange-hot pink hybrid with pink shimmer throughout.  Super fun and bright!  My only complaint is that the shimmer seems to settle out of this polish, but with a good shake the shimmer comes through.

China Glaze Splish Splash.  Holy moly.  I'm in love.  My love for blue polish has been reinforced by this phenomeal polish.  It's bold, neon, shimmery, and flawless.  No complaints!

China Glaze Sun-Kissed.  The easiest yellow I've ever worked with.  This is two coats, but if you really wanted 100% no visible nail line, three thin coats would probably work fine too.  Fun and bright!  There was a bit of cuticle drag, but nothing that a third coat wouldn't fix right up!

So far, I'd have to say that this is one of my favorite collections this year.  I didn't expect much from it because there are tons of neons available right now, but these definitely stand out for me.  Have you tried any of the China Glaze Summer Neons?  What is your favorite? =)


Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 12: Water Marble

Hi everyone!  Happy Saturday!  Today is Day 12 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge: Water Marble!  I love doing water marbles (though the last attempt during the Black and White Challenge was a near disaster) so I was excited for this day.  I decided to use some of the China Glaze Summer Neons for this look...these polishes are awesome!  I started with a white base and then marbled with China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, China Glaze Sun-Kissed, and China Glaze Splish Splash.  Finished with top coat.  Love it!

My ring finger turned out amazing!  I love how it almost looks like an accent nail with the more simple nails around it.  I wish I could say I did that on purpose! haha

I know the water marble day in any challenge tends to be dreaded!  I'm sure these girls all pulled it off beautifully!!  Can't wait to see what they came up with!


China Glaze Summer Neons...Part 1

Hi all!  Have you tried the China Glaze Summer Neons?  Has it crossed your mind Ohhh I have neon polishes, so I don't need these.  ...DON'T!  You NEED these!  I love how China Glaze has put a new spin on the neon trend with these super pigmented subtle shimmer polishes =)  All of the ones I have tried are two coaters that don't require white base coats!  I have two to show you today, and a few more to show you at a later date!

First up is China Glaze Pink Plumeria.  This is a light pink, corally neon with a subtle shimmer throughout.  This color is soft enough that even those who are sort of afraid of neon polishes should be able to wear it!

Next up is China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard...and this is a beauty!  A neon lime green polish with a subtle shimmer throughout!  This is a dream! =)  Honestly...I'm obsessed.  Summer in a bottle!

Both of these swatches are two coats with NYC top coat.  No formula issues...just pure China Glaze perfection!!  <3  Thanks for reading today!


Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 11: Household Item

Hello lacquered lovelies!  Today is Day 11 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge, and the theme is household item.  I think this is a fun theme because it is very open ended and allows for ample creativity!  I chose saran wrap as my household item!  I give you: Saran Wrap nails inspired by [Nailed It]! =)

I followed Nailed It's tutorial exactly and it was so easy to do!  My base coat was China Glaze For Audrey and the second color I applied was Finger Paints Lemon Sour.  I finished off with NYC top coat.

Since this challenge is so open ended, I'm excited to see what everyone came up with!  Straws, toothpicks, sprinkles, plastic wrap, foil, newspaper....so many options!  Check out what my challenge buddies came up with <3


Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 10: Stripes

Hello folks!  Today is Day TEN of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge...June is flying by!  Today's theme is stripes so I decided to use some striping tape to create some laser stripes!  I've seen these referred to as a variety of names, but I think they look like little neon laser beams =) I used China Glaze Splish Splash, China Glaze Pink Plumeria, China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, and China Glaze Sun-Kissed (from pinky to pointer).  I applied striping tape and Zoya Trixie to create the beams.  I finished off with NYC top coat.  I appologize for the messy clean up...glass fleck polishes like Trixie are the hardest to clean up!

I love how each one of these nails is a different color, and the designs are purposefully a bit off on each nail.  Perfectly coordinated and tied together skittle nails! =)  The China Glaze Summer Neons are quickly stealing my heart!

I can't wait to see the other stripes manicures!  Check them out =)

Only five posts left in the Challenge, can you believe it!  The last five are sort of crazy, so it's about to get wild!


My WNW Birthday Giveaway: WINNER!

Hello folks!  Exciting day!  The winner of my Birthday Giveaway for all five Wet N Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled Collection polishes has been chosen and contacted!

Congrats to Jennifer K!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 9: Sponging

Hi everyone!  Sorry this post is a bit late today!  Day 9 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge! =)  Sponging!  I adore gradient nails, and this color combo was no exception.  I used a cosmetic sponge to achieve this look.  The colors I used are Julep Alyson and Zoya Robyn.  It reminded me of the sand and the surf <3

Make sure to check out the other amazing bloggers' sponging looks today!!

A little action shot....


Make your own ombre set! [Tutorial]

Hi everyone!  Today I have a little tutorial to share with you!  If you liked yesterday's ombre mani look, you can make your own ombre set with your favorite color!  I did an ombre post [here] quite some time ago, and the principles are the same, but this time I actually mixed up mini bottles of each color so that I could wear the look again and again, because I'm hooked on it for summer!

To create your own ombre set, you will need just a few supplies, many of which you may already have on hand!  It was under $10 to get all of these new, and I still have about 3/4 bottle left of white, black and pink, as well as this ombre set that I can use over and over!

  • 5 mini polish bottles or empty polish bottles that have been cleaned out with acetone
  • Black nail polish.  I used about 1/4 bottle of Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme.
  • White nail polish.  I used about 1/4 bottle of Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White.
  • Two bottles of the nail polish of your choice.  Here I am using Wet N Wild Wild Shine Lavender Creme.  I used about 1 1/4 bottles.
  • Paper towel or newspaper to protect your surface.

First, I covered my table with paper towel and numbered my bottles just to keep myself organized as I was mixing!  My mini bottles, which I purchased at my local beauty supply, had a steel shaker ball in them, which was extremely helpful when I was shaking them up!

I decided to start mixing my darker shades first.  To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd want just one bottle that had black added to it or two (because your original shade doesn't really have to be your middle color...it could be #5 if you want, and you just add varying amounts of white to your other bottles...do you see what I mean?).  I added some black, and then filled the bottle the rest of the way up with Lavender Creme.

Then I started my white shades...

After lots of shaking up and swatching on my fingers, I decided that the first bottle I mixed up would be my darkest shade.  Bottles 2 and 4 were the most difficult to get the color right.  I poured some out and would add more/less black, white or pink until I was happy.  It got a bit messy!

Shake shake shake!!!  Ta-da!

To see my manicure with this set, see [this post]!  I feel like this is such a fun way to wear your favorite colors!  You could add some glitter to each one or even some clear polish to make your ombre set with a jelly formula!  If you like a bigger difference between your shades, you can just add more black and white!  It's 100% customizable.  I love the ombre set that I tried from The New Black, but I just kept thinking, I wish this color was darker or I wish this color wasn't shimmer etc, so it was fun to mix one up exactly as I wanted it!  My only suggestion is to buy cheap polish to do this with...I would want to go through 1.25 bottles of an expensive polish for this look, especially since I poured a lot out to get the colors exactly right!

What is your dream ombre set?!  If you make it, please share it with me on The Lacquerologist Facebook page or twitter @lacquerologist! =)
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