LACQUISTRY Raspberry Toffee!!

Hello fellow lacquer lovers!  I hope you are all having great weeks! =)  Today's polish is so gorgeous, it makes me want to cry!  Real tears.  It's AMAZING.  I think this may be my soul in a bottle...Lacquistry Raspberry Toffee.  I swear, every polish I buy from Lacquistry just blows me away.  This is two coats of Raspberry Toffee on its own with two coats of OPI RapidDry top coat.  After a while (and after these photos were taken), I added a coat of Gelous because it had eaten up the top coat, which in my opinion was a not a problem!

Isn't that GORGEOUS!?  First of all, all of the glitter is suspended in a sweet pink tinted base, which I really enjoyed (that's why I didn't use a base color under the glitter).  There are hot pink hexes and two "toffee" colored hexes - one is more copper and one is more gold.  The micro glitter throughout the polish appears to be a toffee color, but honestly there is such much going on in the polish that it's hard to tell, but it all goes together so well!

If you love this, you will go crazy over all of Lacquistry's polishes.  They are sold in Jenna's etsy shop for $7.50 each, which I feel is a steal!! =)  Due to high demand, Jenna has chosen to occasionally close the store while she catches up on orders, and then reopen.  The best route is to like Lacquistry Nail Polish on Facebook for updates!  I love Lacquistry so much...I'm yet to be disappointed!  Thanks for reading today =) Hope you enjoy these drool-worthy photos!


Some Current Drug Store All Stars!

Hi everyone!  Today, I'm showing you two drug store polishes that I've noticed have received a lot of hype lately in the blogosphere: Sinful Colors Cinderella and Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?!

First up is Sinful Colors Cinderella, a baby blue creme jam packed with pink shimmer.  This polish is really unique and the shimmer is super evident on the nail!  My only complaint is that it felt really thick to me.  I needed three coats to smooth out bald spots (plus Cult Nails Wicked Fast), and I felt like I had a ton of polish on my nails.  It is a gorgeous polish, but takes a little skill to apply.  I purchased Cinderella for $1.99 at Walgreens, but it should be available wherever Sinful Colors are sold!

 Next up is Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?, a purple polish with a ton of gold shimmer.  This is two coats with Wicked Fast, but looking at my ring finger, maybe I could have used three.  If you like wearing purple, this one is gorgeous!  It applied easily, except, I can't stand the Spoiled brush!!  What is it?  A shovel?!!!  Honestly, it's wider than my pinky nail.  If you are new to painting your nails, or just trying to slop it on, then maybe the brush is nice, but if you're trying to apply your polish in a controlled manner, the brush is terrible.  Maybe for glitters it would be nice, since you can just kind of glob them on, but for cremes, it is not ideal.  Pretty polish.  Stupid brush.  I hope WetNWild changes it in the future.  WetNWild Spoiled polishes are $1.99 and CVS exclusives

So there you have it- two drug store polish all stars!  I like buying polish at the drug store from time to time, but these two didn't 'wow' me really.  Both are unique and pretty polishes, but they each had application issues.  However, for the price, if you're willing to deal with the application issues, they are a deal!  Do you have a favorite drugstore polish or brand?  Thanks for reading today!! <3


My First Stamping Experience!

Hi everyone!  I'm excited about today's post.  I posted a picture on my Facebook on Saturday that I was practicing stamping, and I'm happy about how my stamping skills have developed.  After trying it out a few times, it became much less daunting than before.  After I posted the picture on Facebook, I removed everything and started fresh so I'd have even more practice! =)  Here's what I came up with!

First, my base color is one coat of Milani Mint Candy, a gorgeous minty teal green with a blue shimmer throughout.  This was my first Milani polish, and I really liked it.  Application was a breeze.  The photo is pre-clean up because I knew I'd have a lot of clean up after stamping.

Then, using my stamper from the Salon Express kit and Red Angel plate RA-112, I stamped using WetNWild Wild Shine Black Creme.  I've read that cheap WetNWild polishes work really well for stamping.  To help make it nice and thick, I left the cap unscrewed on my stamping polish for about 30 minutes.  I'm not sure if that really changed anything, but the polish worked really well for stamping!

 Ahhh it actually looks half decent!  Spacing the stamp out properly on the nail is probably what I'm struggling with most right now.  I will be doing a lot of practice with this in the future...it's so fun!  The possibilities are endless!  I'm so glad I finally built up the courage to try this!  Are you hooked on stamping/konad?! =)  Thanks for stopping by today!  Don't forget to check out The Lacquerologist on Facebook! <3


The Oscars!!

Hello everyone!  Hope you are having a great weekend so far!  With the Academy Awards tonight, I wanted to do some fun Oscars nails. =)  I decided to replicate the cute tuxedo nails that Zooey Deschanel made famous.  They were so easy to do and fun to have on my nails!  I used my dotting tool and my go-to black and white polishes, China Glaze Liquid Leather and China Glaze White On White.  And to add to the special occasion, I used two coats of Julep Oscar on my thumb!  Cult Nails Wicked Fast smoothed everything out!

Obsessed!  So fun.  Look at the little tuxedos all lined up =)  They make me smile.  And Julep Oscar...I was very impressed.  Two coats was all I needed to be almost fully opaque, and with one coat of Wicked Fast, it was completely smooth.  I enjoyed it!

Will you sport tuxedo nails for any special event in the future?  Are you watching the Oscars tonight?  I'm excited to see what everyone wears on their nails!!  Thanks for reading =) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


A French Mani That I Actually Enjoyed Wearing!

Hi everyone!  If you remember my last french tip post for the Valentine's Nail Series, you know that I have a tendency to not like wearing french tips very often.  However, when I saw a photo on Nails Inc's Facebook page advertising their Neon & Nude collection, I wanted to recreated it!  And I loved wearing this!!

This is one coat of Essie Case Study over the entire nail with chunky free-handed french tips of Nails Inc Brook Street.  Brook Street is a bright coral shade, but over Case Study, it looks more pink.  I went over the tips twice so that they were opaque.  I finished it off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  Love that Cult Nails shine!

Just a note: Brooke Street stains.  I've used it once before in a nail design, and even with a base coat and base color, this one left behind some staining...

I did really enjoy wearing this.  It's funky, fun and fresh!  Obviously, the possibility of color combinations is endless too!  Would you wear the funky french?  Do you prefer this look over the traditional french manicure?  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all! =)

Essie Meet Me At Sunset

Good morning everyone!  Happy Saturday!  Word on the street is that orange and tangerine are going to be huge colors for the spring...so it's time I jump on this orange bandwagon!  I honestly didn't own a true orange polish beside a mini orange creme from OPI's halloween set, so I decided to pick one out.  Here we have Essie Meet Me At Sunset!

It's a bright red-ish orange and it's stunning.  I think this baby will be on my toes all summer long!  But, after wearing this for about 20 minutes, I really felt like it needed something else.  Glitter?  Polka dots?  Shimmer?  Tips?  Then it hit me....remember all those OPI Shatter polishes I bought and then quickly decided I was "over"??  Silver Shatter was the first polish that introduced me to the big wide world of nail polish as an obsession, so of course I own quite a few other Shatter polishes.  I decided to go with OPI White Shatter over Meet Me At Sunset.  And I actually liked it!  The white is kind of funky and the textural effect is actually really cool, especially from a distance.

I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing a shatter manicure every single day (well, I know that I won't haha), but every now and then, I'll remember to look to these guys in my collection.  OPI just came out with a new shatter and China Glaze is coming out with an entire new crackle collection, so they aren't going away anytime soon.  Do you ever wear shatter/crackle anymore?  Do you still buy the new ones that come out?  Thanks for reading today! =)


NerdLacquer Antisocial Media

Hi everyone!  Today I have another indie nail polish brand from etsy for you!  I'm sure many of you are familiar with this brand: NerdLacquer!  I actually got this polish in a swap with a friend of mine who lives in California now, which was so fun.  We hadn't talked for quite some time, and I love how nail polish can bring people together!  Thanks so much, Jeanine!

This is three coats of NerdLacquer Antisocial Media with one coat of OPI RapidDry.  It's a bright blue jelly base with tons of glitter...blue, copper and gold hex glitters, red and copper microglitter, and a glass fleck look throughout.  I honestly loved this.  Everytime I looked at it, I'd spot something new that I hadn't seen before.  I wore it for about three days (while I sick and sadly could not even paint my nails...that's the worst!  I'm still not feeling well at all, but at least I'm able to sit upright to paint!) and there was literally no evidence of wear!

Mmmm...this was awesome.  I love glitter polishes that turn out like a glitter sandwich mani all by themselves, with some of the glitter buried in the jelly base.  NerdLacquer polishes are available at Amanda's etsy shop and on Harlow & Co.  Right now, I believe both stores are sold out.  According to the etsy shop's announcements, the last time she opened the shop, she sold 1500 bottles in 18 hours!!  And keep in mind, like most of these indie brands, there is one person behind these beautiful polishes!  Be patient and understanding!  Good things come to those who wait!  I know some people have been getting super feisty about getting their polishes in a certain amount of time from these amazing etsy sellers...but remember, this is their art and they need time to produce it!  They are people too!

Thanks for reading today!  I will try to announce on The Lacquerologist Facebook page if I hear about NerdLacquer restocking their shop! =)

And, BONUS!  Here's a picture of Jeanine (who I swapped with!!) and me and a few of our other fellow summer intern friends  at Sandy Point, San Salvador, Bahamas!  Memoriesssssss...

Cerebrate!  Love this photo...I think my camera was on self time on the shore!


Bright Flowers for Chalkboard Nails Nail Art Contest

Hi everyone!  Today's post is a special one.  Sarah from Chalkboard Nails is hosting a nail art contest, which is exciting in itself, but even more exciting...the theme of the contest is: THE DOTTING TOOL.  I love my dotting tools.  Even though I own nail art brushes, I end up using my dotting tools 95% of the time.  Needless to say, I was way excited to enter this contest! =)  Here's what I came up with...

Base coat: Cult Nails Get It On
Base color: China Glaze Liquid Leather
Flowers: China Glaze White On White, China Glaze Aquadelic, China Glaze Make Some Noise, China Glaze Electric Pineapple, Julep Hayden, OPI Strawberry Margarita
Leaves (dots): China Glaze Gaga For Green
Top coat: Cult Nails Wicked Fast

In order to make the colors really pop against the black background, I did the entire design in white first, and then went back over it with the colors.  It looked really cool in black and white and inspired me to try some B&W designs soon!

Head over to Chalkboard Nails and look at all of the awesome contest entries!  If you're interested in entering, you have until March 5 to submit your design!  And thanks to Sarah for hosting a contest that is so accessible to everyone! =)


China Glaze Electric Pineapple

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a great week so far.  I have been sick, and it has been miserable, but I think things are turning around so hopefully I'm on the mend.  I haven't really painted my nails since the weekend, but luckily I had some fun manis in the vault for you all!  Today, let's check out China Glaze Electric Pineapple.  I just loooove "ugly" green polishes like this!  I found this pretty on sale at Ulta around Christmas time...I think I ended up getting it for under $2. =)  We were meant to be together.  This is two coats of Electric Pineapple with one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Then, because of course I can never leave my nails alone, I sponged on a gradient of Jordana Cosmic from their new glitter collection.  I topped it off with OPI RapidDry but it was still quite bumpy.  Cosmic is very chunky...but gorgeous!  I got a lot of compliments when I wore this!

Oooh sorry...I just noticed the chunk taken out of my pointer nail.
So, how do you feel about ugly greens?  I LOVE THEM!  I also love the glitter gradient...it's a super easy, high impact technique!  Do you like the color combo?  Thanks for reading today!! =)  Love you all!


50 Followers/150 Likes Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone!  As announced on Facebook, the winner of the giveaway has been announced:  Lora M.!  She has been emailed and has 24 hours to respond!  Congrats to Lora and thanks to everyone for participating!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Orly Space Cadet

Hello lacquer lovers!  Today I present to you one of the only polishes that I have worn for longer than 24 hours in the past 6 months: Orly Space Cadet! =)  This is three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  I think Orly does the prettiest glass fleck polishes.  This one is a multichrome...the polish flashes pink/purple to green to bronze...gorgeous!  The multichrome effect is very strong.  But what makes this so cool is that the multichromatic glass fleck is in a blue base!  You only really see that around the edge of the nail, but it gives it another dimension that makes it super unique!

I apologize for the tip wear...I waited until the sun was right to take these photos (which can take quite some time to find proper sun in Ohio this time of year!) and I'd been wearing the polish for about 48 hours at this point.

This polish was part of Orly's Fall 2010 Cosmic FX Collection and retailed for $10.  I found it in December 2011 at an Ulta in South Carolina while on vacation!  I believe it is still available at some e-tailers.  It's amazing, so if you're into multichrome polishes, I'd say this is a must have!  Do you like the multichrome look?  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all! =)


Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile Review

Hi everyone!  Today I am excited to share with you a review for a new-to-me etsy shop called Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile.  I was immediately intrigued by this shop, as they sell their polish in cosmetic jars, not traditional bottles!  So, the color I ordered was Frolic (#32).  It is described on the etsy shop as "semi opaque nude base embellished with abundant flecks of copper, blue, turquoise, pinks and greens."  Again, I was intrigued.  In the pictures it looks like a white based polish.  I read in the description that each nail color comes with a bottle of Liquid Fusion (#004), which can be mixed with the polish base to make it less opaque and used as a top coat.  Shipping was prompt and Frolic arrived safely.  The packaging was cute and well presented.

The little pouch contained the polish itself in a cosmetic jar, Liquid Fusion, a "Fusion Stick" and instructions.

I followed instructions and used the Fusion Stick (essentially a wooden coffee stirrer), to stir up the polish in the cosmetic jar.  It mixed up well, but I found that within about 10 seconds, all of the glitter had settled to the bottom again.  You are supposed to use the brush from the Liquid Fusion bottle to apply the polish, so I opened the Liquid Fusion, dipped it into the cosmetic jar and applied polish to my nail.  Since we are all so used to polish in a traditional bottle, this extra step felt a little awkward to me, and I do feel that it affected my application. 

Stirring with the Fusion Stick

Using the Liquid Fusion brush to apply polish.
See how the glitter has already settled?
First of all, my polish does not look like the polish on the etsy site, which was in a white base.  My jar looks like a purple/grey color.   When applied to the nail, it appeared to be a nearly clear base with opaque flakies in it (similar to the type of glitter in Lacquistry's Shredded and Shards lines).  On my left hand, I applied one coat of Cult Nails Get It On base coat, one coat of Frolic, and one coat of Liquid Fusion as my top coat.

Once I saw how clear the base was, I decided to layer it on my right hand.  I applied one coat of Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude to my right hand, followed by one coat of Frolic, and one coat of Liquid Fusion as a top coat.

Over Cruisin' Nude

I think this polish has a lot of layering potential, but the extra step of using it out of a cosmetic jar seems frivolous to me.  If you visit Lacey Lou's etsy shop, she explains the pros of using a cosmetic jar, and I agree with them, except when similar polishes are available in a conventional bottle (perhaps Icing After Party?), I think most people will opt for what they are familiar with.  Liquid Fusion does leave a shiny finish, but in the future I would probably use a coat of another top coat.  Overall, I think I'd give this a 6/10.  It's a pretty polish, but it does not match the product shown on the etsy site (maybe she layered it over white in her photos, but that should then be clearly stated), and the application was not as easy as if in a conventional bottle.  Check Lacey Lou's out...if there's a shade you are head over heels in love with, I'd say it's worth it, but otherwise, I would opt for a similar product in a conventional bottle.  This is just my opinion though; others may love the idea of the cosmetic jar!  She has two polishes that may mimic the feel of a certain black and white polka dot and bar glitter polish.....I'm tempted.

Lacey Lou's polishes are available on her etsy shop for $8.75, which includes the Liquid Fusion bottle.  Thanks for reading today!  Will you check out Lacey Lou's?  

ALSO: Today is the last day to enter the 50 followers/150 likes giveaway!!  It closes at midnight!!  Click the link on the right hand side of the page at the top, or click HERE! =)


LACQUISTRY Blackberry Cordial

Hello everyone!  Today's post requires few words.  This is the amazingness that is Lacquistry Blackberry Cordial.  Gorgeous magenta microglitter and hexes of various sizes in a blackberry base!  This is two coats.  Super easy application.  One coat of Gelous followed by a coat of OPI RapidDry...perfection.

Jenna from Lacquistry has done it again.  This may be my favorite one yet! =)  Lacquistry polishes are available for $7.50 at Jenna's etsy shop.  I think this particular beauty is currently sold out, but there are so many gorgeous polishes to choose from!  If you like Lacquistry on Facebook, you can find updates on restocking.  Lacquistry is my favorite handmade polish brand: the selection, price, quality, availability, and above all, creativity of the polish line blows me away!  And Jenna is a sweetie!  You MUST check Lacquistry out =)  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all!


Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Jem

Hello everyone!  Happy Saturday!  Are you ready for some PINK nails?!  I usually layer glitters over a contrasting color, but after trying this glitter polish over a dark blue, I decided that its impact may be greater over a shade closer to it.  The glitter I am referring to is Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Jem: pink glitter with WHITE MATTE GLITTER in small circles, hexes and bars!  I really wanted the white glitter to pop, so the pink base worked well.  I started with two coats of OPI A-Rose At Dawn...Broke By Noon which is a frosty rose shade.  When I first put it on, I thought it would have a dated look to it, but honestly, I love this shade.  And unlike many polishes with this finish, it hides brush marks really well!  I added two coats of Jem and one coat of OPI RapidDry sealed everything off to a smooth finish!

These nails felt like little pink sapphires at the end of each finger.  I loved the combination of the shimmery frosty rose underneath the glitter...it made it feel like a special mani!  And let's talk about the white glitter...I LOVE IT!  It popped nicely against the pink and the contrast of the matte white glitter to all the shimmering and glittering that was going on was lovely!  Jem is probably one of my favorite layering glitters in my collection!

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer can be purchased at their etsy shop, but as I am writing this, the shop is all sold out!  As these indie brands gain popularity, it is important to remember that in most cases there is only one person designing, making, and shipping these products.  These things take time, and usually, great polish is worth the wait!  Be nice to your fellow polish lovers as you search for these pretties!  Love you all!



Good morning beautiful readers! =)  Today I have another gorgeous polish from Lacquistry!  This is one coat Lacquistry Hey Cowboy with one coat OPI RapidDry and then one coat of Gelous to smooth everything out!  Hey Cowboy is dark blue, gold, and soft pink microglitter!  I've included a few photos that are a bit blurry so you can see the full glitter color.

See the pink and gold in there?

Hey Cowboy was beautiful once it was on, but as with any polish that is entirely microglitter, clean up was difficult.  Application was difficult...this polish was THICK.  I think it is three parts glitter to one part polish base (just my estimation haha), which makes it a glitter bomb, but the thickness was a little hard to work with.  However, once it was on, and it was tamed with some thick topcoat, it was gorgeous and sparkly!!  Loved it!  This would be perfect for a fun night out...it is SUPER SPARKLY!

Thick polish...

Lacquistry polishes can be purchased at Jenna's etsy shop for $7.50.  She restocks pretty regularly and is currently surprising us with some new polishes every now and then!  My Lacquistry collection is rapidly growing, and I love every single one!  Lacquistry is definitely my favorite of the handmade polishes I have tried!  They are all so unique and exciting.  You should definitely check it out =)  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all! <3
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