Water Color Nails

Hi everyone!  I hope this post finds you well =)  Today I'm showing you Watercolor Nails.  I've seen these popping up all over the blog world, so I decided to give them a try!  I followed a tutorial from Rebecca Likes Nails, and it was relatively easy to do!  I used China Glaze Make Some Noise, China Glaze Aquadellic, and OPI Need Sunglasses?, and China Glaze White On White as the base.

Basically, after your base coat has dried, you put a few drops of polish on your nail (in one color) and using a brush dipped in a little acetone, sort of blot the drop of polish around your nail.  Repeat with the next color etc.  I'm not going into detail because the tutorial above does a better job than I could! =)  I did Make Some Noise first, followed by Aquadellic and Need Sunglasses? last.  I topped it all off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast and was good to go.

I like this look...my mom said it looked like dyed Easter eggs! =)  I think I'll enjoy it much more in the Springtime than  I do right now, at least in this color combination!  Do you like the watercolor look?  Is this something you would try?  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!  Get excited for my Valentine's Nail Series starting February 1st!! <3


I'm a Polka Dot Addict!

This one pretty much speaks for itself!  I used Essie Your Hut Or Mine? (two coats) for my base color and Julep Hayden for my dots.  On the thumb and ring finger, I did inverse! =)

 I know I've posted a lot of polka dot manicures, but I think they are fun, simple and versatile.  A dear friend told me she'd like to see more nail art on here that is accessible for beginners, and I think polka dots are just that!  As I showed in my previous post HERE, you can use a bobby pin as a dotting tool if you don't have one!  Be creative!  There's so much you can do with polka dots! =)  Will you try dots?  If you do, upload your pictures to The Lacquerologist Facebook page!!  I'd love to see what you come up with!!


Jordana Glitters!

Hi everyone! =) I hope you are having a great weekend so far!  Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the new Jordana Glitters!  I was happy to find these, and was pleasantly surprised by how awesome they are!  I found these at my KMart and paid $1.99 each, so I wasn't expecting super high quality, but I really like them!  All swatches were done with Cult Nails Get It On base coat and OPI RapidDry top coat.

Jordana Sequins
Jordana Sequins (two coats) over two coats of Essie Secret Stash.  Sequins is red micro glitter and silver, pink, and blue hex glitter in a clear base.  I think it looks fun over a pink base color, but you could also wear it over red or black and I think it would look great.  Application was easy for a chunky hex glitter.

Jordana Celebration
Jordana Celebration (one coat) over one coat of Essie Merino Cool.  This polish is amazing.  It is simply lavender micro glitter in a clear base and it applied like a dream!  This could definitely reach opacity without a base color with just a few coats.

Jordana Cosmic
Jordana Cosmic (two coats) over one coat of Essie Go Overboard.  !!!  Super shiny and amazing.  I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I had this on!  Blue micro glitter and blue, green and silver hex glitters swim in a clear base to make up this awesome, mermaid-y polish!  Application was really, really easy for a chunky glitter.  I didn't really have to worry about placing the hex glitters, they just flowed off the brush!  I love this.  I think I will be doing a fun sponging gradient with this really soon!

Jordana Fairy Dust
 Jordana Fairy Dust (two coats) over two coats of Essie Eternal Optimist.  Fairy Dust is pink micro glitter and small round holographic glitters in a clear base.  It's soft and pretty, with a little edge, but it wasn't my favorite.  I think layered over black or a dark pink this could be more fun.  Application was easy, but it wasn't quite as opaque as Celebration's formula.

Secret stash, Sequins, Eternal Optimist, Fairy Dust, Go Overboard,
Cosmic, Merino Cool, Celebration
Overall, I am really happy with these Jordana Glitters.  For someone who is trying to build up their collection on a budget, these are a MUST HAVE!  I chose the polishes that were most interesting to me based on what I already have in my stash, but there are 24 shades available (some coming soon...and I think I will be checking them out when they are available!).  Like I said above, I found these at KMart for $1.99, but they can also be purchased on Jordana Cosmetic's website for $2.99 per 0.5oz bottle.  I'm not sure if my KMart mispriced my bottles and they were actually supposed to be $2.99 or what...but even at $2.99, these are great!

Thanks to everyone who has entered my Whimsical Giveaway!  TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER!!!  Click HERE to go to the giveaway post!  The Rafflecopter widget is so easy...there's no excuse not to enter!!! =)  Thanks so much...love you all!


Claire's/Icing Magnetix!

Hi everyone!  Today I have a quick and dirty review of some of the new magnetic polishes available at Icing and Claire's!  Luckily, my mall has both stores so I was able to get some of both.  I believe these stores are owned by the same company, so I'm sure the polishes are the same, just different labels, different store and different price.  Both stores had their cosmetics Buy One Get One 50% when I purchased these.  The Magnetix polishes (is everyone naming their magnetic line "Magnetix"???) were $8.50 at Claire's and $9.00 at Icing.  Both brands are 0.33 oz bottles!  All swatches were done with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast.

For people new to magnetic polishes, I tried each one of these out a little differently to show you how they apply...

Icing Magnetix Blue, 2 coats
For Icing Magnetix Blue (they don't have real names! boo!), I applied a coat of polish, let it dry for a minute and then applied a second, thick coat of polish.  I applied the thick coat one nail at a time and used the magnet immediately after applying.  I love how this polish looks!  The other magnetic polish I own (Layla Metallic Sky) is blue, but it looks blue and black after applying the magnet...this color scheme of blue and almost teal is amazing!!  This is with the wavy Icing magnet.  This one is a win my book!

Claire's Magnetix Gold, 1 coat
For Claire's Magnetix Gold I applied one thick coat of polish and applied the magnet, one nail at a time. There are places where the polish spread because of the magnet, leaving bald spots.  Moral of the story: use more than one coat or a base color.  This polish has gold shimmer in it which makes it gorgeous!  I think it is a really complex look...this would be a fun polish for a night out! =)  This design was made using the straight Claire's magnet.

Claire's Magnetix Pink, 1 coat over 2 coats of OPI MMATSF
Magnetix Pink after an hour.  You can see the design has spread out slightly.
Now for my favorite: Claire's Magnetix Pink!  I decided to try a different approach for this one by using a base color underneath to conserve the magnetic polish, which is more expensive than regular polish.  I painted my nails with two coats of OPI Meet Me At The Star Ferry and then, one finger at a time, I applied a nice thick coat of the Magnetix polish and applied the magnet (I used the wavy Icing magnet here, because both of my Claire's polishes had straight magnets).  I love this!  It separates out to a light pink and a deep berry and a pink shimmer runs through the whole thing...it's my favorite magnetic polish yet =)  I wore this one as a full manicure.

The Icing Magnetix magnet.  It has two ledges to rest on your finger
to prevent smudging your polish.  I used a Sharpie to label the
direction the design turned out on each ledge.
Overall, I like these polishes.  The price tag is better than other magnetic polishes on the market and they are easily accessible at the mall!  The magnets are nice with a plastic lip to help you balance it on the nail.  The brushes were a little bizarre in the blue and gold polishes, but useable.  About 15 minutes after the polish is applied, the design spreads out, but it still looks really cool =)  This may be a trend, but it is definitely hot right now, so I say we should all enjoy it!!


Glitter Gal Marine Blue Holo

Hello beautiful polish addicts =)  Today I am showing you my first Glitter Gal polish.  I picked this one up at The Polish Lab's charity polish auction, and I am so glad I did!  It's amazing to see people use nail polish for good causes...100% of the money she raised in the auction will go to an animal or wildlife charity! AMAZING! =)

This is Glitter Gal Marine Blue Holo.  Holy cow...this baby GLOWS!  This is two flawlessly simple coats.

I wish I could capture the linear holo in this polish better...no sunshine here in Ohio lately.  Glitter Gal polishes are from Australia, and can be purchased in the States from Llarowe for $14.  The bottles are small (0.3oz) but the polish is so well made that I think the price is justified.  I would definitely recommend Glitter Gal! =)  

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to check out my REVLON WHIIMSICAL GIVEAWAY!  Open this weekend only!!

Lacquistry A Friggin' Circus

Hi girls!  Today I have another Lacquistry polish to show you:  Lacquistry A Friggin' Circus.  A great name, right? =)  This is a sheer blue base loaded with a rainbow oF hex glitter!  A circus, indeed!  First, I wanted to show you the polish on its own without being layered so you can see the blue sheer jelly base.

One coat by itself
I decided to layer A Friggin' Circus (AFC) over Cult Nails Time Traveler, an amazing navy blue jelly/cream.  I used two coats of AFC over Time Traveler.  Any chunky glitter like this is difficult to apply evenly, and this was no exception.  I "blobbed" a lot of polish on my nail and spread it around, and waited about five minutes between coats.  Using this technique, it wasn't too much of a pain to apply, and the payoff is well worth it!  I used a coat of OPI RapidDry Topcoat to smooth things out and add some shine!

With flash

Natural light, no flash (blurry, but you can see how shiny it is!)

I know we have seen quite a few rainbow glitters lately, so why is this one special?  Well, first of all, there is the blue sheer base, which makes the polish interesting on its own.  Secondly, the types of glitter in this polish are different than other ones in my stash.  AFC has only small hex glitters; there are NO round or micro glitters in this baby!  Next to Sephora by OPI Spark-tastic top coat you can see the difference that makes.  I love AFC...it is just so fun, shiny, and magic on the nail!

Lacquistry polishes are handmade and sold by the sweet Jenna on her Etsy Shop for $7.50 plus shipping!  If you missed my first Lacquistry post, check it out HERE. =)  Don't forget to check out The Lacquerologist on Facebook and Pinterest too!  I love you all for reading!!



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True Ombre Dots + Homemade Dotting Tool!

Hello polish lovers!  Today I am showing you my first attempt at a true ombre color scheme.  And because I'm obsessed, I decided to do this in polka dots =)  For this manicure, I only used three bottles of polish: China Glaze White on White, China Glaze Liquid Leather, and China Glaze For Audrey.  

So how do you create all that color variation with just three bottles?  Mixing!!  White On White was my base color, obviously.  I topped it off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat so that if I messed up my dots, I could remove them without totally ruining my base color.  Then I started mixing!  I use a paper plate to do all my mixing and dotting.  I put a "blob" of For Audrey on the plate and then added a few drops of Liquid Leather.  I mixed it up using my dotting tool.  Once I was happy with the color, I dotted it on to each of my nails.  The polish will become tacky on the paper plate, so you need to move efficiently.  I did both hands at the same time so that I wouldn't have to mix up more color for the second hand!

For the next row of dots, I did the same thing, but with a little less black polish.  The middle row of dots on the nails is pure For Audrey and then the last two rows were done with the same procedure as described above, but with white polish!  I felt like an artist painting off my palette!

Liquid Leather, For Audrey and White On White

My mixes!  So fun =)
I am really enjoying this look.  It's subtle, but interesting and fun to do!  You could use really any color for your base and your dots.  Also, to do a true ombre manicure without the dots, you would mix your polish up the same way, and apply it with a polish brush (probably from an empty bottle of polish). =)

For those of you who don't have a dotting tool, you can use a variety of items to create dots that you probably have around your house already!  Straighten out a bobby pin and use the little balls on the ends to make your dots!  Just wipe the end of your tool off on a paper towel between dotting and you should be good to go!! =)

Everyone can do dot manis!  Will you try them?  Experiment and post your pictures on The Lacquerologist Facebook page! =)  Thanks for reading!

Lacquistry Aqua Shredded

Good morning everyone!  I hope you are having a great week so far!  Today I'll be showing you the first of the three Lacquistry polishes I recently bought.  Lacquistry is a small polish company owned by Jenna!  You can purchase her polishes in her Etsy Shop!  All contact I have had with Jenna through Etsy and Facebook has been extremely positive.  She is a sweetheart!  =)  These polishes are gorgeous, complex, glitter bombs!  Amazing!  It was difficult to fight the urge to buy the whole Etsy shop!  However, I knew for sure that I wanted to buy one of the "Shredded" polishes...sort of a cross between an iridescent flakie and an opaque colored glitter.  Here I am showing you the limited edition Lacquistry Aqua Shredded (two coats) layered over two coats of Zoya Layla.

Isn't this a fun change from traditional flakies or glitter?  I love it!  There are so many colors that this could be layered over...I guarantee you will be seeing more of this polish in the near future =)  I finished this mani off with two coats of top coat to make it nice and smooth.

Lacquistry polishes are handmade, which I think is amazing.  This is real art!  Aside from the limited edition Aqua Shredded, it is also available in black, Silver Holo, and red (called Devil's Dandruff).  According to Lacquistry's Facebook page, a dark blue shredded and a gold holo shredded will be available soon!  Since all of the polishes are handmade, many are often in limited quantities, so grab them when you see them!  Aside from the Shredded line, Lacquistry offers many other amazing glitter polishes!  They all sell for $7.50 (plus shipping) and can be purchased HERE!  I highly recommend you check it out!!!

Just a side note!  When I reach 50 followers here or 100 likes on Facebook, I will be hosting my first giveaway!  Turns out, whenever I see a certain Revlon dupe of a certain Deborah Lippmann polish, I cannot help but buy a bottle......so I may have a few to give away =)  Head over to the Facebook page for even more fun!


China Glaze Tickle My Triangle

Just a quick afternoon post to show you what's on my nails right now...China Glaze Tickle My Triangle  from the Kaleidoscope Collection which came out in 2006, I believe.  I wish they still made amazing holo polishes like this now....

Amazinggg.  I snagged up this beauty from Pretty and Polished's blog sale last week and I am so happy I did.  This collection is obviously discontinued now, but there are bottles floating around out there...I may just have to track them all down =)  I just love this...pink nails with attitude!!  What do you think?   Do you enjoy holo polishes?

UPDATE:  I can leave well enough alone so I was added a little something...I give you: my first ruffian manicure with China Glaze Liquid Leather! =)

Finger Paints Flakies!

Hi everyone =)  So glad you are here for a little polish fix today!  I'm going to be showing you swatches of the Finger Paints Special Effects collection...FLAKIES!  I saw these in a small display in a Sally's in December and bought Asylum and Flecked.  Within five minutes as I was applying them over the polishes I already had on in the car, I was regretting not buying the other three.  It took me a little while but I tracked them down in another Sally Beauty!  If you love flakies, these polish are a must have!  The clear base the flakies are suspended in makes them extremely versatile...they can be layered over anything.
Asylum, Motley, Twisted, Flashy, Flecked
I'll be the first to admit that these are not super impressive in the bottles, but applied over China Glaze Liquid Leather and....BAM!

Over a dark color, the flakies pop off your nail like lightning!  Each of these flakie polishes has a distinct personality (therefore, why I bought the whole collection! haha).  These images are two coats of each flake polish with a top coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  Finger Paints Flecked is a green flake with a slight blue flash.  It is interesting to see a flakie polish with only one type of flake.  Finger Paints Flashy has yellow and orange flakes with a red flash.  I think this one may be very similar to Essie Shine of the Times.  Finger Paints Twisted is an amazing rainbow of flakies.  I can spot blue, orange, yellow, green, and more!  Over black, this looks sort of similar to Cult Nails Clairvoyant (though Clairvoyant has a purple jelly base).  Finger Paint Motley has blue and green flakes.  It is very unique.  Finally, Finger Paints Asylum is blue and orange flecks, which is also very unique.

Asylum, Motley, Twisted, Flashy, Flecked (pinky to thumb)
 If you are new to the flakie scene, I would suggest picking up Twisted, as the rainbow of flakes makes it most exciting to me!  However, if you enjoy flakie polishes at all, I promise you will come up with plenty of layering combinations for all of these unique polishes!  Also, as shown below, a coat of Essie Matte About You creates a whole new look!  Matte flakes are awesome!

With a coat of Essie Matte About You
Finger Paints polishes are available exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores.  I believe these are available in store only and retail for around $4.99.  I know some people have had trouble tracking them down, but hopefully Finger Paints will keep them around for a while!  What other layering combos would you like to see?!

Thanks for stopping by today!!  Don't forget to check out The Lacquerologist Facebook page =)  When I reach 50 followers here, or 100 likes on Facebook, there will be a giveaway!!

PS: I apologize for the state of my thumb nail.... =(  But, the show must go on!


Newspaper Nails!

Hi guys!  Today I'm going to show you some newspaper nails!  I've seen these all over Pinterest and in magazines, so I thought I'd give it a try, and I love how it turned out!!

First, paint your nails with your base coat and base color and let it dry.  I used Essie Body Language.  Man, that color has been making a lot of appearances lately!  I think it's a great neutral, and a perfect alternative to a white or gray.  Once your base color is dry, simply dip your finger into some rubbing alcohol for a few seconds, dip a strip of newspaper in the rubbing alcohol for a few seconds and then press the newspaper against your nail.  I just pressed down with my fingers.  When you peel the newspaper back, the lettering should be on your nail!  Finish off with top coat (I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast) and you're good to go!  If anyone is interested in more complete tutorial, the one I looked at is here at beautylish.com. =)

Application of the newspaper

I've also heard you can do a similar thing with anything printed off a laser jet printer.  Anyone know if this is true??  Do you like the newspaper nails look?  I think it's fun, but most of all I love that is is now perfectly acceptable to wear anything you want on your nails =)  Freedom of expression!

Thanks for stopping by!  I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read my blog...I'm really enjoying writing it!  Don't forget to check out The Lacquerologist Facebook page!  <3


A Tragic Story with a Happy Ending

So I have a little story for you today. My nails had been growing out super nicely and I was happy with the shape and everything. However, I have extremely short nail beds, so even when my nails don't look super long, really, my free edge is really extended past my finger tip. On Saturday night, it felt like my nails got caught on everything...cabinet doors, door knobs, computer keys, table tops, etc. So I decided to trim them down a bit. I used clippers to take a little length off...and then...I was violently reminded how short my nail beds are!! =( There are a lot of blogs I read that show shorter nails, but the difference is that their nail beds are naturally longer. So, welcome to my little shorty nails!  There is a moral to this story AND a happy ending...

Moral of the story: everybody's nails are naturally different and that should determine how you trim and shape them.  Plus, you need to have your nails at a length that works for you and makes you happy!  If you like short nails, have short nails.  You like long nails?  Keep them long!  Everyone is different!  In this situation, I learned, I like mine a little longer!

Happy ending to the story:  I was devastated when I saw what my nails looked like when I was done trimming them.  I didn't even do a good job filing them because I didn't want to take anymore length off.  I just keep reminding myself that they will, in fact, grow back.  But, I decided I wanted to do something really feminine and sweet to counteract the stubbiness of my new tips.  Inspired by some of the sweet manicures I have seen on Pinterest (anybody else obsessed?), I did these shabby chic skittle nails!  For anyone new to the term, skittles are nails that are all different!

Excuse the cuticle oil...it was better than dry cuticles!

I used four gorgeous soft Essie colors: Essie Body Language, Brooch The Subject, Eternal Optimist, and Mint Candy Apple.  The glitter accent nail is Butter London Tart With A Heart.  Gorgeous.

Body Language, Mint Candy Apple, Eternal Optimist,
Brooch the Subject and Tart With A Heart
I made each hand a little different, because I like that look.  I love how whimsical and "shabby chic" these turned out!

Left hand...do you see that crack on my thumb finger?  Oh no...

Right hand...the colors and orders of the nails are slightly
switched up from the left hand!
Do you guys like the "skittles" look?  I think when they all tie together like this, they can be fun!  I love the softness of all of these colors together...Essie does AMAZING soft creams like this!!  Thanks for tolerating my nubby nails...hopefully they will grow back soon!  Bring on the SpaRitual Protein Boost, my favorite treatment!  Thanks for stopping by today =)

My Polish Stash: January 2012

Hello all!  Today I am giving you a peek into my polish stash.  I store my babies in a Helmer from IKEA that my wonderful mother got me.  The Helmer is perfect for polish storage.  The drawers are the perfect height for nearly any bottle and if you line the drawers, the polishes don't roll around.  Helmers are available in several colors and retail for $39.99 at IKEA.  I think it is a fantastic investment for anyone who is serious about polish collecting!  I feel like once I got mine, I felt the urge to fill it up and my polish purchases got a bit out of control!  Without further delay, I give you my stash, as of January 2012!

Here's my Helmer in its little spot in my house!  Six drawers of polish storage happiness =)

Drawer 1:  My gateway drug, OPI

Drawer 2: Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, Julep

Drawer 3: My "special" drawer: Cult Nails, Nails Inc, A England, Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, piCture pOlish, and Sephora by OPI

Drawer 4: My random drawer including Wet N Wild, Revlon, Finger Paints, Sinful Colors, Color Club, Orly, Nicole by OPI, Misa, Orly, SpaRitual, Del Sol, etc

Drawer 5: Miscellaneous supplies.  Reinforcement stickers for half moons, cosmetic sponges for sponging, foil for removing glitter, water marbling cup, pure acetone and vegetable glycerin to make awesome polish remover

Drawer 6: treatments, files, cuticle remover, thinner, BigRuby Nail Tattoos, stamping kit, and other necessities

So there you have it!  I always love when other bloggers post photos of their stashes...makes me feel like I'm not the only one with this (wonderful) problem!!  How do you organize your polishes?!

Have a great week!  Thanks to everyone for reading.  The blog is two weeks old today! <3

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