Tip Top Nails South Africa: Tip Top Tribal!

Hi everyone!  A little while back, I was contemplating how to share these Tip Top Nail Chic polishes with you, when Tip Top Nails shared a graphic on their Facebook page about tribal prints being hot for summer!  I realized that it is in fact summer in the southern hemisphere, so I decided to do a summery tribal print manicure with some of the shades they sent me!  Tip Top Nails is a South African brand, and I believe at this time, it is only available there.  For more information, see their website [here].

Tripple Putty, Traffic Lights, Fairy Dust, Purple Reign, Peach Crisp

For this look, I started with a base of Tip Top Nail Chic Fairy Dust, a soft lavender creme.  I used two coats, and the formula was phenomenal.  I then used several other Tip Top shades and my striping brush and dotting tool to create this super easy tribal look: TIp Top Nail Chic Tripple Putty, Tip Top Nail Chic Peach Crisp, and Tip Top Nail Chic Purple Reign!  I sealed everything in with NYC top coat.  I think it turned out really cute, and the Tip Top polishes were easy to work with!

I am really impressed with Tip Top Nails!  The polishes I tried had a great formula and pigmentation.  If you don't live in South Africa, I'm sure you can find shades similar to these in brands available where you live, but if this line is available to you I would definitely suggest you check it out.  No matter where you live, Tip Top Nails has an awesome Facebook community...there's always great nail art, nail health and polish information there!  Check it out [HERE]!  And again, check out their website [here].


  1. These colors are SO stunning! And the manicure is gorgeous as well. Will be pinning these lol.

  2. I really wish we could get those in the US. I really need them to complete my Around the World nail polish collection! Thinking of selling one? *wink* *wink*

  3. Tip top is my favourite brand here in SA. Not that we have many brands here but TT is the best & affordable!
    I love the mani you did!
    Wanted to comment on the photo you posted on FB but then decided I wanted to read the post rather :D


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