NYE Appropriate Half-moons!

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE, FRIENDS!  The last day of 2012...so much to reflect upon of such a crazy year!  When I thought of New Year's Eve, I knew what I wanted on my nails to celebrate (but I must admit, these didn't last on my nails until the actual holiday...must.change.polish.constantly.) and this polish combo is exactly it!

I used two coats of Essie Where's My Chauffeur as my base color...I cannot get enough of this shade!!  Seriously!  I then freehanded on the half moons and did my accent nail in Essie Beyond Cozy!  I've had this manicure in my head for quite sometime, and I just had to do it!

Then, to add a bit more NEW YEAR'S spirit, I used my It's So Easy StripeRite in magenta to add the commemorative numbers: 2013!  Numbers and letters are really difficult, but I think these turned out alright!

So there you have it...some NYE nails!  I don't have any major plans....having dinner with my husband and then visiting some family...Netflix and wine while we wait for the ball to drop!  Nice and relaxed, the way I like it!  What are your plans for the evening?  Be safe everyone!!


  1. Love these shades together! So pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! Your NYE plans sound lovely, I wish I could do something similar! I have to work :/

  3. LOVE this combo, it's right up my alley! these are super pretty.

  4. This is a gorgeous combo!! I love the half moons!


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