Jindie Nails Grinch and THE GRINCH!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to another post that will be part of my Holiday Nail Art Series!  This manicure is made up of two awesome elements: Jindie Nails Grinch and THE GRINCH nail art!  For more information on this fun indie and my free-hand Grinch, read on!!

First up, let's discuss Jindie Nails Grinch!  My mom actually bought this polish, because she loooves The Grinch and green is her favorite color!  This was her first indie polish ever, as well as the first time she wore a glitter polish (did I mention this woman refused to wear anything but OPI Bubble Bath on her nails up until six months ago?  She's come a long way!).  She obviously let me borrow it so that I could swatch it for all of you!  To cut back on visible nail line, since the base of Grinch is sort of sheer, I layered two coats of Jindie Nails Grinch over two coats of China Glaze Electric Pineapple.  Electric Pineapple was light enough that it allowed the base shade of Grinch to overtake it, so I think this layering combo actually looks quite close to the bottle shade.  I finished off with a top coat of Gelous to seal it all in!

Grinch is a really cool polish in that not only does it include red hearts to represent the Grinch's heart growing on Christmas, but each bottle has one black heart in it to represent the Grinch before his big change!  I think that is so fun!  I didn't really have any application issues with this one.  I sort of blobbed on some polish and then spread it out.  I didn't have to do any fishing, but if you want more hearts, you may have to search a bit for those!

Now onto my little Grinch accent nail.  I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off, but as with all nail art that I end up being really proud of, sometimes you've just gotta be confident and give it a try!  I am definitely not a sketcher or drawer...as a child my mom and brother would literally laugh at me when I would try to draw things!  But for some reason, I can create things on a super small surface with runny polish!  haha!  I find that you just have to break it down and take it one step at a time!  I googled a picture of the Grinch, took a deep breath and went for it!

I started with Essie Miss Fancy Pants as my base.  I wanted something neutral that wouldn't fight with the Grinch or the glitter bomb on the rest of my nails.  My first step was to create the shape of the Grinch's head in Essie Mojito Madness with my trusty medium length striping brush.  Then, using a large dotting tool and Milani High Speed Fast Dry White On The Spot, I created the fluffy lining of his santa costume.  I used my striping brush and Wet N Wild Wild Shine Red Red to make his shoulders and hat.  Using a It's So Easy Stripe Rite striper in black (what would I do without this amazing piece of nail art technology?  Really?!), I outlined everything, adding a bit of texture to his face.  Once everything had dried a bit, I went back in to do his face detail.  I used a dotter and China Glaze Electric Pineapple for his eyes, and my Stripe Rite in black to complete the face detail, one line at a time.  I waited a long time for him to dry, because I did NOT want to smear all this hard work.  I used two coats of NYC top coat to seal it in.  I was really happy with how he turned out!! =) 

I'll leave you with a swatch of Jindie Nails Grinch on its own (no Grinch face)!  Jindie Nails polishes can be purchased at Jen's etsy shop [HERE], though the shop is currently in vacation mode while she catches up on orders.  Full size bottles are $8.00.  You can also check out Jindie Nails on Facebook [HERE] for updates and info!  =)  What do you think of this polish?  Would you wear something this bright for the holidays?  I know I would!  How about my little Grinch friend?  What do you think?  =)


  1. WOW! That Grinch face is amazing!!! The Grinch is one my my holiday favorites, along with the claymation Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. :) Well done on this nail art, I am thoroughly impressed!!

  2. Your Grinch is wonderful! What a great job. Of course the Grinch (original cartoon) is one of my favorites and I love Jindie Nails interpretation.

  3. Your art is great! I love the Grinch polish too, I feel like it'd be so strange to get that one black heart!

  4. SO GOOD! Your Grinch is perfection! Love it!!


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