Holiday Nails: New Years Eve Rainbow Bling!

Hi everyone!  Hope you are all recovered from Christmas and gearing up for New Years!  New Years Eve is such a fun holiday...all about celebrating life and achievement, and a fun excuse to get done up and have fun!  Really, I feel like New Years Eve is the official glitter holiday!  Let's start off with some multi-colored BLING, shall we?

For the base of this manicure, I used my go-to black polish, Milani High Speed Fast Dry Black Swift.  It is so shiny and pigmented, thick in a good way, and I just love it!  Once that had dried (which is, of course, quickly!), I applied a thick coat of NYC top coat and started applying Born Pretty Store hex glitters of various colors!  It really didn't take as long as I thought it would...I just had my glitters all lined up so it almost became robotic as I continued across all of my nails!  I let it dry for a bit and made sure that all of the hexes were nice and flat, and then sealed it in with 2 or 3 layers of top coat, specifically Gelous, which is thick and shiny (it takes a while to dry though).  I am obsessed with the final look!!

You can read my original review of Born Pretty Store hex glitters [HERE] and order your own [HERE]!  Be sure to use my code for 10% off: RUL91!  And Born Pretty Store always offers free internationally shipping!  Doesn't get much better than that!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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