Favorite Manicures of 2012

Happy New Years Eve!  I had a bunch of plans to do a series of "Best of 2012" posts, outlining my favorite polishes, brands, etc, but it was just too difficult to chose.  I'd get a list of 20 polishes together, and then I'd remember another one and get all upset that it wasn't included!  Then I decided to do a collage of my favorite nail art manicures of 2012 (so basically the entire existance of The Lacquerologist) and again, that was very difficult!  The photos below are not all-inclusive; now that I'm looking at them and typing this post, I think I forgot some!  But, these are definitely some of my favorites, and I hope you'll enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with me!

The Lacquerologist's Favorite Manicures of 2012

2012 has definitely been a great year for me.  After pulling myself out of a funk and making some life changes, I am happier than I have ever been!  I have the most supportive husband, family and friends, and I love my job as a nail tech =)  And I adore my second job, as the blogger behind The Lacquerologist!  I'm thankful for each and every one of you who stops by to take a look each day!  I have a lot of fun stuff planned for 2013 already, so I hope you'll stick around!  Happy New Year everyone!  I sincerely hope that 2013 brings nothing but happiness and peace your way!!  <3  Be safe tonight, friends!


  1. yay! kitty's there ! xxx congrats on a great year :)

  2. Cristina ImpoverishedJanuary 2, 2013 at 11:06 PM

    What is the black one with the rainbow border? I tried searching your site but was not successful in turning it up? I love rainbow colors with black, yours is very pretty!


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