BB Couture The Ladies Formal Collection: Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone!  Today I have an awesomely unique holiday collection for you:  The Ladies Formal Collection from BB Couture!  This collection is made up of six matte polishes with great formula!

Before I get into the individual swatches, let me make a statement about the formula on these: it was great as far as matte shades go!  You know how some matte finishes are really chalky and thick and they dry before you're even done applying the polish to your nail?  These are not like that!  When I was applying them, it felt like normal polish, and then it just dried to a gorgeous matte finish!  I applied base coat and two coats of polish for each swatch and didn't have any issues!  

First up is BB Couture Uninvited, a burnt brick red matte shade.

BB Couture Tiny Cocktail Dress is a deep, dark chocolate brown matte.  I really liked the coolness of this shade with my skin tone.

BB Couture Chocolate Souffle is a warmer, redder chocolate brown shade.  The name makes my mouth water!

BB Couture Daring Debutante is a beautiful purple matte packed with a blue shimmer.  This is fierce, fun, and unique!  I really liked this and just had to see how it looked with top coat...

This is BB Couture Daring Debutante with one coat of NYC top coat!  When the top coat is applied, the blue shimmer really glows!  I don't wear matte shades very often, so I think I'd be more likely to wear it with top coat, and I love it!

BB Couture Ruby Red High Heels is a bright red matte.  I'm not a huge red girl, but this is really outstanding!

And finally, we have BB Couture Black Velvet, a charcoal gray, almost black, matte polish.  Love it!!  Such a smooth finish that is so classy.  No complaints here!

Overall, I really like these polishes...BB Couture makes really nice matte finishes!  When I realized these were matte polishes, I was sort of bummed out, until I started swatching them and working with them.  The formula is super easy to deal with and I think there are lots of fun ways these shades could be worn for the holidays and beyond!  BB Couture turned me onto matte finishes!  BB Couture polishes can be bought on their website [HERE] and retail for $10.95 each.  The Ladies Formal Collection can be found [here].  Which one is your favorite? =)

Polishes in this post were provided by the company/PR for honest review.  For more information, please see my Disclosure page.


  1. These are beautiful, I love chocolate soufflé! x

  2. very nice, good to hear about the formula!

  3. Oh, I love the finish on these! They are all gorgeous!


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