Wet N Wild MegaLast Pick Your Poison Collection: Swatches and Review!

Hello everyone!!  Today I have an awesome collection from Wet N Wild to show you!  This is the Wet N Wild MegaLast Pick Your Poison Collection!  These polishes are a Fall/Halloween release and I tracked them down in the large Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween display at Walgreens!  To see swatches of these beauties, click Read More below!

All swatches use Out the Door top coat.

First up, my least favorite of the collection: Wet N Wild MegaLast Deadly Dose.  This is a nice mellow yellow gold metallic polish.  If you don't already have a gold metallic polish in your stash, then this is a nice one, but it's not terribly unique.  It is a little brush-strokey, but they even out quite nicely.  This is two coats with top coat.

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lethal Injection is a deep maroon metallic polish.  It is subtly frosty but in a nice shimmery way.  It is vampy and nice for fall, but personally not my favorite shade ever.  This is two coats.

Now we're getting into the four polishes in this collection that I am obsessed with!  Wet N Wild MegaLast Poison Ivy is a dark evergreen metallic polish with a gorgeous glow!  Also, this polish does not show many brushstrokes!  I am so happy about that, because the other dark green shimmer that came out this fall, Zoya Ray, was a frosty nightmare for me.  This one will be perfect for the holidays as well!  Perfection in two coats.

Next up is Wet N Wild MegaLast Venomous Vixen.  This a nice deep dark gray charcoal with a silver shimmer and a steel blue tint.  I really really like this!  I just kept thinking it's like a non-glittery butter LONDON Gobsmacked!  It's a classic shade.  The formula on this one was a bit thin.  I used three coats and top coat for the swatches below.

This next polish really caught me off guard!  This is Wet N Wild MegaLast Toxic Apple.  In the bottle, it looks like a deep purple metallic polish, but once you get it on the nail and out in the sun, you see that this baby is special!  When I started polishing my nail with this polish, I was shocked to see that the base of this polish is a deep steel-navy-blue packed with blue and purple shimmer.  In the sun, the shimmer really stands out!  Really cool!  I love it =) This is two simple coats.

Finally, we have Wet N Wild MegaLast Root of All Evil.  This one glows!  It is a bright blue shimmery polish, sort of similar to Zoya Song, but perhaps a bit brighter.  Brushstrokes are slightly visible, but not too bad.  This is two coats.

Overall, I am really impressed with this collection!  For $1.99 per bottle, you get a lot of quality for a little cash.  The formula on all of them was great (Venomous Vixen was a little thin, but still fine) and the colors are super fun!  I really like how these polishes don't scream HALLOWEEN!!  Really, aside from their names, these polishes will be perfect for the fall, winter, and the holidays!  Lots of bang for your buck!  I think I'm most excited about Poison Ivy and Toxic Apple, with Root of All Evil and Venomous Vixen right after that!!  Which ones are your fav?! =)

PS: Don't you love how autumn-themed this post?! haha I figure I might as well take advantage of the beautiful Ohio Autumn while it lasts!


  1. for sure I need poison apple, poison ivy & venomous vixen!!!!!

  2. I loved the pic in the leaves! I'm from Ohio too (Dayton) and I definitely appreciate how beautiful fall is here. Anyway, GREAT swatches - thanks for posting! I picked up Toxic Apple and Poison Ivy last week (that was all they had left) but your post made me realize I need Venomous Vixen and Root of All Evil as well :}

  3. Thanks Kelly! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

  4. Oh my goshhhhh I NEED Toxic Apple! Wowza! Fantastic swatches:)

  5. This is a great collection, and so afforable! Love it!

  6. great swatches! I picked up 4 of them and I can't wait to get some good use out of them!

  7. I'm so sad. I've been looking for these everywhere!! *Pouting* But no, I'm not jealous...much.


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