31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 21 - Inspired by a Color

Hello lacquered lovelies!  Happy Friday and welcome to the third column of the 31 DAY NAIL ART CHALLENGE!!  Today's prompt is Inspired by a Color.  The color I chose is...the color of a Cherry Coke can!  I have had an unhealthy love affair with Cherry Coke this summer, and decided to do some fun abstract nail art with that inspiration =) 

I tracked down the perfect Cherry Coke pink in my stash: Zoya Jacy.  I used two coats.  I then used Zoya Gilda to do some funky tips.  The gorgeous pink glass fleck in Gilda really added something special to Jacy.  I loved it so much like that, but decided to add some accents with my It's So Easy Stripe Rite brushes in red, magenta, and silver sparkle.  I used Out the Door top coat to smooth it all out.

The mani and its inspiration!  Yummy!

Mmmm this makes me thirsty!!  They are fun and girly!  And I think Zoya Jacy is a nice shade for fall...I don't usually reach for colors like this, but I think I will in the future!

So head on over to Sincerely Stephanie and check out what she came up with for Day 21!  I am sure she is going to just kill the last 1/3 of the Challenge!!  Click the image below to see all of my 31 Day Nail Art Challenge posts!


  1. So cute! I love the last picture of you holding the can. I'm a Diet Coke addict, so I know how it is!! :)

  2. Wow - you got that spot on! I luvs me sum soda too!

  3. Awesome! Love the colours you chose here girl! <3

  4. I love this and now I have a craving for cherry Coke!


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