Zoya NYFW 2012 Comparisons!

Hi everyone!  Today I have a few comparisons for you involving the new Zoya NYFW 2012 polishes!  I'll be comparing polishes in my collection against Daul, FeiFei, Natty and Evvie.  The polishes from the NYFW Zoya Fall collections will be in bold.  Let's get started!

3 coats of each, with NYC:
pointer:  Zoya Faye
middle:  Zoya Daul
ring:  Orly Oui

When I first saw photos of Daul I was disappointed because I thought it was super similar to Faye.  But now that I see them side by side, Faye is much pinker than Daul, but Oui and Daul are quite similar.  If you look quite closely, it appears Daul is a bit more sheer and leans more blue-violet, while Oui is more of a red-voilet.  The difference is very minor.  I'm glad I have both of the Zoya's, but both Daul and Oiu are probably not needed.

3 coats each, with NYC:
pointer/ring:  Zoya Crystal
middle/pinky:  Zoya FeiFei

These two are definitely not dupes of each other, but they are similar.  The base on Crystal is much more blue than FeiFei, which is more of a steel gray-blue.  Also, the super slight duochrome in FeiFei's base makes it stand apart.  FeiFei's multicolored glass flecks show up mostly as gold when on the nail, but honestly, next to Crystal, you can tell that FeiFei has a lot more going on than Crystal.

2 coats, NYC:
pointer/ring:  Zoya Natty
middle/pinky:  Sinful Colors Rainstorm

Natty is a bit deeper and darky than Rainstorm, but they are definitely very similar.  I prefer the formula on the Zoya better (Rainstorm was a bit thick), but at about $6 cheaper, Rainstorm may be a winner for some.  I found Rainstorm in a large new display at Walgreens (see Nouveau Cheap for more info!).  If you're a blue fanatic like me, you may be able to convince yourself that you need both. =)

2 coats, NYC:
pointer/ring:  Zoya Evvie
middle/pinky:  Sinful Colors Leap Flog

Again, the Zoya is a bit deeper and darker than the Sinful Colors polish, but I love how dusty Leap Flog is.  Formula was very similar on both.

Are there any other polishes you would like to see compared to the Zoya Fall 2012 shades?  Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate if I own the polish you're interested in seeing!!  Which ones compared today do you prefer?

Some of the polishes in this post were provided to me by the company for honest review.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.

PS: I purchased these Sinful Colors polishes and had done this post before the drama started with Sinful Colors using bloggers' photos without consent on their displays.  =/  Until Sinful Colors and Revlon (their parent company) resolves this issue, I will probably not purchase more SC polishes, and I hope no one is offended that I used them in this post!


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