Now We're Talking!: Zoya FeiFei Revisited

Good morning ladies (and gents!)...today I am showing you how I wore Zoya FeiFei.  FeiFei is GORGEOUS, and this was definitely the polish I was most excited for in all of the new Zoya Fall Collections.   However, I was a bit disappointed when the awesomeness in the bottle didn't translate entirely onto the nail.  I mean, look at this bottle shot!

Even though, as I said, FeiFei is super special on its own, I decided to try layering it over black to see if I could pull some of the duochrome and sparkle out of it!  Here is one thin coat of Zoya FeiFei over two coats of Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme with NYC top coat.

Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!  It looks like an instant Galaxy nail!  At some angles, the pink glass flecks shine out more, and in others it's the blue base you see.  Over black the gold flecks aren't as prominent. It really shows off everything that this polish has to offer!


...steel blue...

Shimmering glass flecks!
So, I'm really happy that FeiFei can be worn layered!  It's hard to believe it's even the same polish as when it's worn on its own!  How do you prefer FeiFei?  Layered over black or on her own? =)

Let's zoom in....

FeiFei was provided by the company for honest review.  For more information, see my Disclosure page.

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  1. I actually like it by itself more

    ~Hannah <3


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