Essie Mirrored Metallics!

Hi everyone!  Today I have my picks from the Essie Mirrored Metallics Collection!  I was super excited to see these pop up at my local Walgreens.  I bought these three, but there are two other colors in the collection, a silver polish named No Place Like Chrome and a copper shade called Penny Talk.  These are the three shades that I chose...

All swatches are two coats with NYC top coat.  Formula on all three shades was very similar.  The finish on these polishes is very different from other "frosty" looking polishes I have.  Some brush strokes do show up, but these polishes have more of a reflective quality.  Difficult to describe, but very nice to wear =)  I feel like the Mirrored Metallics fall somewhere between a frost and foil....

First up is Essie Nothing Else Metals, a lilac metallic.  The color on this is beautiful and feminine.  This was the first one I swatched chronologically and I was very surprised by how quickly the polish dried.  You must work quickly and efficiently.  I had some problems with clumping, which resulted in the bubbly looking imperfections on my pointer finger.  I think this was because the polish dried and I overworked it once it was on the nail.  Even with this issue, the finished look is eye catching and unique!

Next up is Essie Good as Gold which, not surprisingly, is a gold metallic.  This is different from other golds in my collection. which are more foils.  This one had the same formula issues as Nothing Else Metals, but with more careful application, the bubbling imperfections were limited.

Finally we have Essie Blue Rhapsody, a cool blue metallic.  Of course, this is the polish I just had to have in the collection!  I am not dissapointed.  On the nail, it is very blue, but still somehow subtle.  Again, a little difficult to describe.  Same formula and application issues, but by the time I swatched this one, I was learning better technique.

I like the look of these polishes, and I am happy to see Essie do something different for a summer release!  However, the application of these polishes was challenging.  Due to the quick dry time for these, it is important to work quick...very quick.  Here are some application tips I picked up when swatching these:

  • Usually I paint my nails with a three-stroke technique starting in the center of the nail, then to both sides, but by the time I came to polish the second side, the center portion of polish had already dried and caused dragging.  Once I started polishing from one side of the nail to the other (instead of center first), dragging was decreased.  
  • It is very important that you apply one layer and let it dry completely before the next coat to avoid balding.  
  • Do not "overwork" the polish.  Apply...dry...apply.  
  • Don't try to corrrect your mistakes while your coat of polish is still wet; that will just cause dragging and balding.  This may seem like ramblings, but I'm just trying to pass this info along to you all =)

Overall, I like these Mirrored Metallics polishes.  They are surprisingly summery and feminine and a nice change of pace =)  Once I perfect the application, I am sure these will be some of my favs for the summer, that will transition well into Fall!  Which shades are you most excited about from this collection?  Thanks for reading!


  1. Very pretty polishes. I especially love the Blue Rhapsody!

  2. Love the blue rhapsody! I once had a pair of shoes that exact color, LOL...

  3. gosh I love the blue! I want :)

  4. cool! I want some of these. I wonder how the lilac one compares to Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee.

  5. I like these, although they sound like they have a similar formula to some of the holo's out there!

  6. Penny talk is #1 on my list, but they're all beautiful! Thanks for the application tips!!!

  7. OH MAN! I want that blue! Thanks for swatching these :)


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