China Glaze Summer Neons...Part 1

Hi all!  Have you tried the China Glaze Summer Neons?  Has it crossed your mind Ohhh I have neon polishes, so I don't need these.  ...DON'T!  You NEED these!  I love how China Glaze has put a new spin on the neon trend with these super pigmented subtle shimmer polishes =)  All of the ones I have tried are two coaters that don't require white base coats!  I have two to show you today, and a few more to show you at a later date!

First up is China Glaze Pink Plumeria.  This is a light pink, corally neon with a subtle shimmer throughout.  This color is soft enough that even those who are sort of afraid of neon polishes should be able to wear it!

Next up is China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard...and this is a beauty!  A neon lime green polish with a subtle shimmer throughout!  This is a dream! =)  Honestly...I'm obsessed.  Summer in a bottle!

Both of these swatches are two coats with NYC top coat.  No formula issues...just pure China Glaze perfection!!  <3  Thanks for reading today!


  1. These are lovely :) wish we had china glaze easily accessibly in UK xxx

  2. damn you. I was waffling on getting that green. I just got 2 from the collection. Now I NEEEEEEDDDDD it! ;)

  3. I have these too, and more. Didn't get the entire collection though. They are amazing. The shimmer makes them unlike any neon I've seen before. Get the green,Stephanie, you won't regret it!! ;)

  4. i have 5 of them, lol. and try the ruffian manicure with the green as the base and splish splash (blue) over top. it's AMAZING!!! you won't be sorry. :)


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