Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 15.1: Recreate Fav: Manicurator

Hi everyone!  Can you believe June is just about over and our little Challenge here is ending?!  It is officially Day 15 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge.  Today's prompt is to recreate your favorite manicure done by one of the Challenge participants.  Now, if you've been following along, you know that this would be near impossible to do since there has been so much great nail art from Stephanie, Jessica and Victoria!  So I'm cheating...today will "Day 15.1" where I will do my favorite from Victoria from Manicurator, and then tomorrow and Sunday will be Days 15.2 and 15.3, and I will feature looks from Sincerely Stephanie and BeautyGnome =)

So for Day 15.1, I am recreating Manicurator's stripe manicure from Day 10.  To see her original post, click [HERE]. <3

For this look I used Essie Case Study as my base since I do not have the color Victoria used, but I did use the same for the blue: Deborah Lippmann On The Beach.  I looooved this look and quite enjoyed wearing it! =)  On the Beach is a beautiful blue, and it worked well in this technique.

On my right hand, I did solid color nails instead of the stripes.  I sort of liked the contrast of two different hands!  And I love the accent nail look that I did.  It was fun to wear =)

Sorry about the shadow...

So I feel like the Challenge is all done, and it's sort of sad, but like I said above, I'm keeping it going for two more days with two more favorites!  So don't be too sad, friends! =)   And check out what the other ladies chose as their favorites!!


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