Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 14: New Tutorial

Hi everyone!  Today is Day 14 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge and I am so thrilled to show you what I did for the New Tutorial Day!  For this challenge, each of us were to find a new-to-us look to recreate or tutorial to follow.  I am excited to see some new stuff to try from the other Challenge participants!

The tutorial I chose is the Fishtail Braid Nail Art Tutorial from Lucy's Stash.  To see the tutorial and Lucy's Stash's original post, please click [HERE]!

The polishes I chose for this look are Zoya RoryZoya Carly and Zoya Zuza.  Have I mentioned that the Zoya Surf Collection is pure perfection?!  They work super well for nail art and stamping because they are super pigmented!  Ahhh, flawless.  Way to go Zoya! =) 

This look was quite simple to achieve, and the tutorial over at Lucy's Stash makes it easy!  =)  I would definitely recommend it, as I got several complements on it!  So excited to see what the amazing bloggers I am in this Challenge with came up with!  I'm sure there are some awesome new-to-us tutorials to check out on their pages!

One day left!!


  1. This looks gorgeous, I love the colours you picked :) xx

  2. Your fishtail braid looks great and thank you so much for linking back to me! What a coincidence - I've done fishtail braid again and used very similar colour as you did :) xx

    1. Ahh, I'd love to see your look with similar colors! I only saw the one that you did when you posted the tutorial, which is awesome by the way =)

  3. Yay, a pretty new design for me to try, and on my birthday too! Looks awesome ^.^

  4. The colors work great together - nice job!

  5. Great mani! I have to give it a try!

  6. that's CRAZY!!! i love it! totally agree about the surf colors. :)


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