Patriotic Nails

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Today's nails started out as a good idea bit sort of ended in near disaster because I fell asleep after I did them and they got all smudged. Bah sheet marks!!  Then I was super busy all day Sunday and could not fix them/re do them...and of course, I don't have time to do them today either!  So this is what you get for my Memorial Day nails!  haha

I used Wet N Wild Wild Shine Red Red, Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White, and Butter London Blagger for this look with NYC top coat!

Words of advice: don't fall asleep right after you finish you mani!! Haha still, my inspiration was nice I guess! And also, my pinky got messed up whole I did the striping tape on my right hand. Eek, I'm nearly embarrassed to post this!!  All you get is a cell phone pic =p Happy Memorial Day!


  1. The colors are super bright and patriotic. Too bad. I did one on Friday for memorial day but wasn't really happy with it. But yesterday I got great inspiration and was much happier with the results.

  2. I like the stripes! Can't help it that you fell asleep! :)

  3. Love the idea! Sometimes you just have to sleep. It's alllll good girl ;)

  4. Great mani! Nothing Seche Top Coat can't fix!


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