The New Black Runway Color Barometer!

Hello everyone!  Today's post is a very exciting one!  This is a great new nail polish set from a new-to-me brand, The New Black.  First of all, I love how creative their name is!  I think it rings true when it comes to manicures and pedicures...anything goes now!  Creativity is the 'new black'! =)  This company makes awesome little nail polish sets that make it simple and fun to rock the newest nail trends, such as ombre and newspaper nails.  While these looks can be accomplished without purchasing a kit, I love how The New Black makes nail trends accessible to people who may otherwise be nervous to try them out due to complexity.

Today I am going to show you the The New Black Runway Color Barometer.  This set includes eight 0.125 fl oz polishes in a variety of colors and finishes that reflect the colors seen on the runway for spring and summer 2012.  There are so many options with this set!  You could wear any of the colors for a full manicure, do nail art with the shades, accent nails OR do a super fun skittle mani.  The colors were chosen so that they would work together, so you can just pick and chose to create whatever look you'd like! =)

Image provided by The New Black
First up, let's check out some skittle swatches of the colors.  First, I've swatched the warmer shades together.  There are no names on the bottles, so I will go through them just referring to them by their color.  These four colors work beautifully together and could be used for a variety of nail art techniques including gradient nails, splatter nails, ombre dots...possibilities are endless!  All swatches are two coats with NYC top coat.

Yellow (pointer): Bright yellow with a subtle shimmer.  This was a little streaky, but not too problematic.

Red (middle): Bright red jelly.  With 2 coats, there was still a visible nail line.

Orange (ring):  Orange with a subtle shimmer.  I had no complaints on this one!  It was nice and opaque.

Pink (pinky):  Beautiful coral-pink with a gold shimmer throughout.  This is definitely my favorite of the whole set!  So yummy.

Next up, the cooler half of the collection, which doesn't feel quite as cohesive as the first half.  These colors are really pretty, and the nude and blue should definitely be a staple in any polish collection!  Again, 2 coats with NYC top coat.

Nude (pointer):  Gorgeous nude, almost a putty shade.  Opaque in 2 coats with no streaking issues.

Navy (middle):  Basic navy creme.

Periwinkle (ring):  I'm not entirely sure how to describe this color.  The New Black describes it as "Hyacinth."  There is a heavy shimmer running through this polish, but I did not have an issue with brush marks like in some frosty polishes.

Green (pinky):  A nice, shimmery green.  This one was a bit brush stroke prone, but nothing that would cause me to not wear it.  I love green polishes, and this one was nice and vibrant.

I wanted to be able to report to you all how these polishes work together with layering and coordination, so I decided to do some crazy half-moon skittles!

All in all, I think the colors work well together!  The only one that doesn't layer well is the red, since it is a jelly formula.  You can see it layered over green on my ring finger above...the green shows through and makes the red a sort of grungy maroon.  Also note that the red and yellow together looks like mustard and catsup and sort of gagged me on my nails!  haha =/  To do half moons, the second color that coats the majority of the nail plate and the free edge needs to be a one coater, and (aside from the red shade) all of these colors passed that test!  I give these polishes an A+ for nail art potential! =)

The New Black polishes are available at Sephora and I've also seen them at Nordstrom!  The Runway Set retails for $32 for the eight polishes.

Want to know more about this fun new brand?  You can check out The New Black on Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest!  I love what this brand is doing, and I am excited to see what they come up with next!  Look out for some more The New Black products on the blog soon! =)

The products in this post were provided by the company for honest review.  For more information, see my Disclosure page.


  1. I read about this brand before..and I love all of their sets!! and what you did here, the skittles half-moon mani is soooo cuteee!!

  2. so cool! Love your crazy half moon skittles girl!

  3. Haa I love how you did nail art with these! Lovely...

  4. I love this post; great review & an amazing mani!!

  5. I love how you did your nail art! very cool. I love sets like these. The possibilities are endless... :D


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