Inverse Accents with Zoya Surf Polishes!!

Hello lacquered lovelies, and happy Wednesday!  Today I have two Zoya Surf Collection polishes to show you.  To see swatches of the rest of the collection, click [here]!  Instead of just regular swatches for these two colors, I thought I'd do some fun accent nails.  Here you are seeing my swatching hand, but I just did the colors in reverse on my right hand!  

This is Zoya Rory and Zoya Carly.  Rory is a pretty pink shimmer and Carly is a deep purple.  Both colors are vibrant and sort of glow from within.  This Zoya Surf Collection is just absolutely perfect in my opinion! =)

I actually really liked the inverse accent nail look!  I think I will rock it again soon!  I'm sorry that there's no image of my other hand...I messed it up working on some nail art wheels for a friend's wedding =/  Just trust me...it looked cool on both hands!

Now that I've swatched them all, I'd have to say that Zuza is my favorite from this collection, but every single one is amazing!  They are gorgeous on their own, together, and great with stamping!  Which Zoya Surf Collection polish is your favorite? =)

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  1. I love the inverse accent nail! I've been rocking it quite a bit lately! :D They are beautiful together


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