Wet N Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled Limited Edition Collection

Hi everyone!  I am really excited about this post!  I stalked my local drug stores for probably the past month looking for this collection and finally got a hold of it at Rite Aid!  This is the Limited Edition Wet n Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled Collection.  These polishes are multicolored glitter in duochromatic glitter bases and are supposed to be dupes of the China Glaze Prismatics Collection.

I am first going to do a five finger swatch of each color on its own, two coats with one coat of NYC top coat.

pinky:  Bow In My Presence
ring: Born Into Privilege
middle: Speak When Spoken To
pointer: The Crown Is Mine
thumb: Jewels For Your Highness

These polishes are super easy to apply and super dense with glitter!  Speak When Spoken To (middle finger) is defintely the most duochromatic of all.  Despite not showing much duochrome on the nail, I really like Born Into Privilege (ring finger).  I really liked all of them, even though most of them were not as duochromatic on the nail as they were in the bottle.  Honestly, I like them better than the China Glaze Prismatics I tried (see my swatches of two of them HERE!).

Next up, let's see each polish over black.  Putting these polishes over black really makes their color and duochrome come out, so this is how I did the full swatches.  Each of the following swatches is one coat of the Be Jeweled polish over one coat of Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme with a top coat of NYC.

First up is Bow In My Presence, a teal/purple duochrome with multicolored glitter.  Over black, the duochrome is very visible!  Even over black, the density of the glitter is great and results in a gorgeous finish.  The second photo on this one is different than the rest of my swatches, but that pose showed the duochrome better!

Next is Born Into Privilege.  In the bottle, this is a green/pink duochrome with multicolored glitter, but on the nail it looks like more of a yellow-green glitter.  I didn't see much duochrome on the nail, even over black.  I liked this one much more on its own than over black.

This is Speak When Spoken To, a strong blue/purple duochrome with multicolored glitter.  This is the only polish that was really duochromatic on the nail on its own, and it is also very evident over black!  This is very pretty!  If you are into duochromatic polishes and are only going to pick up one from this collection, I would suggest Speak When Spoken To!

The last two I'm going to show are probably the ones I am least excited about.  This is The Crown Is Mine, a purple/pink duochome with mutlicolored glitter in the bottle that shows up mostly as purple on the nail.

Finally, Jewels For Your Highness shows up as a pink/gold duochrome with multicolored glitter in the bottle, but on the nail over black it shows up more as a magenta pink.  Not much duochrome visible.

So there you have it!  The Be Jeweled Collection is limited edition, and is definitely starting to pop up!  The polishes retail for $2.99 each and are 0.30 fl oz.  Overall, I like this collection a lot, and I am glad that I bought the whole thing! =)  I did the swatches over black because that was how I like the China Glaze Prismatics best, but for these, I think I liked them best on their own!  I only have two of the Prismatics, Full Spectrum and Optical Illusion, but at least in the bottles, I wouldn't consider these EXACT dupes.  Would you like to see a comparison post?  Let me know!  If you read all of this, I love you!!  Have a great day <3


  1. These are pretty but none of these types of polishes (same with the CG versions) really interested me enough to buy.

  2. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this kind of polish. The glitter is so fabulously blingy and awesome.

    Honestly, pretty much anything with dense microglitter and sparser chunky glitters I'm sure to love.

    I'd be excited to see comparisons to the Prismatics, as I haven't been able to find the blue side of this collection but do have the blue/green Prismatics... It would be good to know if I should keep looking or if they're close dupes. Might help me kill the crazy lemming.

    1. I only have two of the CG Prismatics to compare to, but I am putting together a post!!

  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I got 2 of the CG prismatics, but would rather have these for the price lol

  4. I looked for these all over the place this weekend and couldn't find them anywhere! They look pretty! :)

  5. I've been seeing these EVERYWHERE, but never thought anything of them. After seeing your swatches, I might have to go get a bottle of Speak When Spoken To. Also, I wish the bottles were bigger! haha ;)

  6. Thanks for posting. I bought these two weeks ago and have been contemplating how to wear them. I think I'll try the over black versus on their own. You know after I got home, and off my polish shopping high, they all really look similar in the bottle. I was kicking myself for buying them all. But now I see that they don't look that similar on the nail. Thanks for justifying my purchase. :)

  7. I have to get these but first how is removal??

    1. I wore three coats of Speak When Spoken To with two coats of top coat as a full mani for two full days with no chipping. I removed it will 100% acetone...scrubbed pretty hard but did not have to use foil method!!


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