Pink and Black Mani with Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate!

Hello everyone!  I'm excited about this mani, because I've been obsessed with this stamp for so long and finally got my hands on it!!  I purchased this stamping plate from Born Pretty Store.  I believe it is a duplication of a Konad plate, but was much more affordable.  It is even labeled the same as the Konad plate, so I will always make sure to indicate that this is "BPS" (for Born Pretty Store) m70 and not Konad m70.  Same goes for the other Born Pretty Store plates I purchased!  I hope this clears up any confusion =)

This is two coats of NYC City Sweets Pink for my base.  NYC In A New York Minute polishes are perfect for stamping base coats because they dry so fast!  I did my stamping with Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme and Born Pretty Store plate m70!  I finished with NYC top coat, which smeared the design a bit.  It smeared in nearly the same spot every time, which makes me think that that spot on the design must hold more polish, so next time I'll let it dry longer before top coat (and believe me, there will be a next time with this stamp!  I'm obsessed!).

Loved this combo! =) I was inspired by a manicure I saw on pinterest from tassas.blogspot.com!  I really liked the Born Pretty Store plate.  The full nail images are a great size.  Overall, I am really impressed.  A variety of plates are available from Born Pretty, and the Konad dupes go for less than $3 a piece with free shipping!  And if you do some searching around I'm sure you can find a discount code for Born Pretty (hint: follow them on twitter @bornprettystore!).

Thanks for reading today!  Which other images on the plate are you excited about? =)


  1. Yes, it's a very interesting and pretty image!

  2. wow it looks like marble!! Wonderful!

  3. The smudging is actually kinda neat on this one, mostly because its so consistent that it could pass for intentional. Loving it!

  4. my goodness that looks awesome! I keep thinking I really should start to stamp haha!

  5. I've got this stamp and never really knew what to do with it. Thanks for the idea!

  6. I just picked up Sweets Pink this weekend and it is really pretty! Love the stamp! :)


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