Fish Egg Friday Featuring Kaviar Nails! =)

Good afternoon lacquered lovelies!  Welcome to Fish Egg Friday!  Today is special because a lot of bloggers are posting kaviar manis using microbeads, and I am really excited to see all of the variations on this theme!  I decided to go with some funky, almost-ugly green microbeads layered over China Glaze Electric Pineapple!  My beads are American Crafts Brand POP! Microbeads in "Leaf" with a shiny finish.  I bought these at Pat Catan's for about $3.  There were several colors and finishes available.  If you can't find microbeads at your local craft store, you can find the POP! brand on amazon.com HERE.  

Basically, to accomplish the kaviar look, you simply paint your nails, let your first coat dry a bit, apply a second thick coat of polish and apply the beads to your nail!  The container that my beads came in was large enough that I just dunked my nails right in!  Slightly press the beads in to secure and remove excess and you're done!  You can see another tutorial by The Polishaholic HERE.  Super easy.  Super affordable.  Super fun.

Lots of photos at lots of angles...I want you to see how the beads look in all lights and angles.  These particular beads are sort of translucent and shiny so they look super cool...get excited!  I give you: kaviar nails!

You can tell from the photos that there's almost a duochrome effect to these beads.  Straight on, there is sort of an orange shine.  It is quite visible on my middle finger below.

Now a few strange angles that show how the beads can appear quite green as the base color shows through, OR all glowy as light hits them right!

Look at those pretty beads!  Now I am quite tempted to get some other colors and mix them together...hmmmmm possibilities!! =)

The microbead manicure was originally done in early 2011 by Dashing Diva at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  The purpose of this post is to inform my readers that this look can be achieved affordably at home without purchasing expensive kits that will be available soon.  And, by purchasing your own beads, you can customize your look and make it more unique!

Really, I was surprised that I liked this as much as I did.  And it really wasn't that hard to have this on my nails and go on with my daily activities.  Obviously, the kaviar mani isn't ideal for washing dishes or excessive hair washing, but for a special night out or a party, I think these nails are perfect! =)   Would you rock the kaviar/fish egg mani?  I can't wait to hear what you all think!!  <3

Check out the other bloggers participating in FISH EGG FRIDAY =) I know you will enjoy their manis!  This list is updated...thanks to Sammy for compiling this!! <3

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UPDATE: You can add your Fish Egg Friday post below as well!  Join in on the fun!


  1. i'm dying over the color! beautiful!

  2. This colour is great! Reminds me of citrus colours!

  3. Stunning colour and my beads were the same showing different colours in different angles!

  4. i'm really excited over the excitement. Your post was SO MUCH FUN!!!
    I'm not a big fan of the color, but i admit these look super cool.

  5. This is awesome! I love all the different angles you've posted :D

  6. I love this colour! They look lime on my monitor - very summery :) x

  7. This is my favorite of them all so far...the color you picked is sooo awesome!!

  8. Zombie fish eggs *_* stunning!!!!!!

  9. Love the translucent beads! Great colour!

  10. So beautiful! And so affordable! ;D

  11. Love it! It's the color that reminds me of Fiona. I'm sure she'd wear those too. :D

  12. c'est vraiment très jolie, j'adore, et bravo pour le choix des couleurs


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