A Few Zoya Surf Polishes!

Hello lacquered lovelies!  Today I have four polishes to show you from the Zoya Surf Collection.  I found these at a local beauty supply I just discovered, and I am so happy to know of a place that carries Zoya now!  I could have bought the entire summer collection because it is gorgeous, but I picked out four (and I am actively fighting the urge to go back and get more........).  Here I will show you Zoya Kimber, Myrta, Meg, and the amazing Zuza!

All swatches are two coats with one coat of NYC for top coat.  First up is Zoya Kimber, and deep pink polish with a strong golden shimmer.  This is gorgeous.  Zoya does such amazing shimmery polishes.  It's not frosty at all and the shimmer isn't overwhelming.  Pink perfection.

Next is Zoya Myrta.  At first glance I would say this is an orange-red shimmery polish.  However, in some lights and angles it feels more like a peachy shade while in other lights it's more red.  When I put it on, I thought 'finally I found a red I like!' but it's obvious that it's much more dynamic than that.  Love it.

This is Zoya Meg, a grassy green with a golden shimmer.  This is super pretty, and much more mellow than its crazy relative Zoya Apple.

And, drumroll please!  Here is the phenomenal Zoya Zuza!  I LOVE THIS! =)  A gorgeous aqua/teal shimmer...this is my dream summer polish.  I don't even have a ton of words for it, it's just amazing!

Like I said, I found these at my local beauty supply, but they are also available on zoya.com!  Each polish retails for $8 =)  Which one is your favorite?!

PS: Right after I wrote this post, I went out and bought Zoya Carly...she'll have her own post soon! =)


  1. Love them all but the Zuza.......WOW!!!

  2. I love all of these. They're so pretty!

  3. They are very pretty. I thought I wanted Kimber but now I'm thinking I already have something similar. Zuza is amazing!

  4. Zuza is amazing...so beautiful :)


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