Black & White Challenge Day 9

Hi everyone and welcome to DAY 9 of the BLACK AND WHITE CHALLENGE!  Today is water marble day!  I love water marbling and had great visions for this manicure in my head, but it turns out my black and white polishes stink for this!  I experimented with all of the black and white polishes I have and lots of water, polish and acetone later, I came up with this!

I used China Glaze White On White and Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme for my marble with a base of white underneath.  The black polish definitely turned grey (no matter which black polish I used).  I added some dots to try to fix some of the messiness, and in real life it looked so awesome!  I added an accent nail to spice it up a bit =)  I used NYC In A New York Minute Sidewalkers for the accent nail with dots and NYC top coat.

Do you have a favorite black and white polish to water marble with?  I was frustrated with how it turned out grey, but it ended up looking nice, I think!  Only one day left in the challenge, and it should be a fun one!!

Go check out my Challenge Buddies and their Day 9 manis!  These ladies are amazing nail artists and continue to inspire me!  =)


  1. Love this Emily, I toyed with idea of doing dotting on mine,but was so fed up after that one hand I just went to bed!! :-D

  2. Fabulous watermarble! Love how you added the dots and our accent finger! :)

  3. Love the dots! They totally make it! You killed it

  4. this is gorgeous I love how you incorporated dots!

  5. Love this! I am a sucker for dots :D

  6. Fabulous job! Seeing all these beautiful water marbles is making me want to try....now if I could just get my 4 kids to leave me alone for two hours. :D

    Ana from Simple Nail Art Tips

  7. I love the dots. Polka dots make things great!



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