Black & White Challenge Day 8

Hello lacquered lovelies!  Welcome to DAY 8 of the BLACK AND WHITE CHALLENGE!  Today's prompt is "sponging" which is a technique that I enjoy using!  For this manicure, I used my go to black and white polishes for the challenge, Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme and French White (would you believe I've almost emptied out a bottle of French White since the Challenge began? hah).  This manicure was inspired by one I saw quite some time ago on Chalkboard Nails.  This wasn't my favorite manicure I've ever done, but I think it is cute and interesting, and with more color, I think it could be great!

Sponging black tips on white is sort of predictable, but I think the dots help spice things up, and I love how they fade into the white.  Only two days left in the challenge: water marble and "recreate your fav" day! =)

Go check out my Challenge Buddies!  I can't wait to see what their sponging manis are like.  These ladies are amazing nail artists and continue to inspire me!  =) The Sexy6! <3  


  1. I love it but I am a sucker for dots , great mani :D

  2. I love the dots as a nice touch tot he manicure Emily, it's cute. Like Jo I'm a sucker for dots!


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