Revlon Runway Pearl

Hi everyone!  Happy weekend!  Today I have a new Revlon polish for you: Revlon Runway Pearl.  I hear this is a Chanel dupe, but I do not have that polish, so I will not speak to that.  We'll start with a bottle shot and then jump into swatches.

First up, let's look at Runway Pearl on its own.  This is three coats with Julep Fast Dry Top Coat.  You can see that Runway Pearl is a milky white-ish pearly base with a pink flash that is quite evident in real life!  I felt the polish was a bit thick, but if I waited for each coat to dry it went on alright.  I would say that this polish takes a careful hand to apply though.

Next, let's look at some layering options.  This is one coat of Runway Pearl over Essie A Crewed Interest (pinky), Essie Watermellon (ring), Essie Marshmallow (middle), and China Glaze Liquid Leather (pointer; actually two coats of Runway Pearl on this finger).

I decided that I liked it best over black because you can really see the pink flash best that way, so I did a quick swatch over two coats of Liquid Leather.  This is one thin coat of Runway Pearl.

Look at that pink flash!  It's vibrant over black.  I purchased Runway Pearl at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $3.79.  It was in a display filled only with Runway Pearl, but I hear that it will also be a part of a new Spring/Summer Limited Edition Revlon display.  If you like pearly finishes or fun white polishes, keep a look out!  However.....

After wearing three coats with the Julep fast dry top coat for a few hours, my nails got really bubbly and weird. Not normal bubbles that you may get with a bad top coat, but weird bubbles under the polish. It looked like my polish was boiling!  Basically, I applied it in early afternoon and by early evening I wanted it off my nails ASAP.  This could be due to the polish, or perhaps the weather...it was in the 80s the day that I wore this polish.  I certainly hope my polishes don't behave like that all summer =/  Overall, Runway Pearl is pretty and has potential, but I had a lot of trouble with the formula.  Would you take a chance on Runway Pearl?  Thanks for reading today loves! <3

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  1. Thank you so much for the review!!
    I really like the look of it over the black, but with the trouble you mention - I don't think I am going to take the chance :-(

    I have Revlon's Powder Puff which looks very much the same in color and opacity, but lack the pearly finish. It has a matt finish but other then that I haven't encountered any of the problem you mention: it has a very nice formula, very easy to apply and it dries in seconds!
    As for those bubbles you mention - I have never in my life seen such a thing, and here 80's is more or less the year's average temperature LOL

    1. JinJit, I'm hoping maybe it was just my bottle that acted strangely? I'm glad to hear that you don't have that problem in your warm climate!

  2. Love this one! Especially over the Liquid Leather. Thanks for sharing as always. Great work.

  3. I wouldn't have thought to layer this! Looks great on its own and layered though!

  4. Oooh I'm so glad to see a review on this! Just spotted it at Walgreen's yesterday and almost picked it up, but I wanted to see swatches first. I think I'm going to have to get it!


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