Julep Emilie and Portia!

Hi everyone!  Yes, another Julep post...I really am on Julep kick lately.  The March Julep colors have been so great that I've been going back to my older Julep polishes and rediscovering my love for them!  Last week, Julep had a 50% off polishes sale, so I picked up these two beauties: Julep Emilie and Julep Portia.  I love both of these colors...they are the first Julep polishes I have ordered aside from my Maven box polishes, and I am so happy to have them!  I layered them together, and I love this manicure =)
Well, hello Portia! and Emilie!
This is two coats of Emilie with one coat of Portia, followed by a coat of Wicked Fast.  I loved Emilie on her own; I was almost sad to put another polish on top of her!  But boy oh boy I am glad I did!  Portia's sheer blue base lightened Emilie a bit, and the iridescent glitters of different sizes just glow!  The only other polish I have that is similar to Portia is China Glaze Snow Globe, but obviously their bases are different, and the glitters flash slightly different colors.  I was surprised when I realized that I have nothing like Emilie in my whole collection.  I LOVE her!  And we share the same name (sort of...I'm EmilY!) =)

A little blurry so you can better see the glitter.
I'm still sort of undecided on the Julep bottles...they're cute, and not too hard to work with...but they don't stand up well in my Helmer drawers!
Right hand...used Portia just as accent so that I could enjoy the beauty of Emilie on her own.
For a while there, I was feeling a little "bleh" about Julep, but I am really discovering a love for the brand.  Their polishes are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin, and they donate $1 for each polish purchased to organizations that benefit women!  Love it.  If you're interested in checking out Julep and becoming part of their monthly Julep Maven program, click HERE and enter code MARCHINTRO to get your first box for ONE CENT! =)  Thanks for reading today!  I hope you enjoy this mani as much as I did! <3

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