Some Current Drug Store All Stars!

Hi everyone!  Today, I'm showing you two drug store polishes that I've noticed have received a lot of hype lately in the blogosphere: Sinful Colors Cinderella and Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?!

First up is Sinful Colors Cinderella, a baby blue creme jam packed with pink shimmer.  This polish is really unique and the shimmer is super evident on the nail!  My only complaint is that it felt really thick to me.  I needed three coats to smooth out bald spots (plus Cult Nails Wicked Fast), and I felt like I had a ton of polish on my nails.  It is a gorgeous polish, but takes a little skill to apply.  I purchased Cinderella for $1.99 at Walgreens, but it should be available wherever Sinful Colors are sold!

 Next up is Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?, a purple polish with a ton of gold shimmer.  This is two coats with Wicked Fast, but looking at my ring finger, maybe I could have used three.  If you like wearing purple, this one is gorgeous!  It applied easily, except, I can't stand the Spoiled brush!!  What is it?  A shovel?!!!  Honestly, it's wider than my pinky nail.  If you are new to painting your nails, or just trying to slop it on, then maybe the brush is nice, but if you're trying to apply your polish in a controlled manner, the brush is terrible.  Maybe for glitters it would be nice, since you can just kind of glob them on, but for cremes, it is not ideal.  Pretty polish.  Stupid brush.  I hope WetNWild changes it in the future.  WetNWild Spoiled polishes are $1.99 and CVS exclusives

So there you have it- two drug store polish all stars!  I like buying polish at the drug store from time to time, but these two didn't 'wow' me really.  Both are unique and pretty polishes, but they each had application issues.  However, for the price, if you're willing to deal with the application issues, they are a deal!  Do you have a favorite drugstore polish or brand?  Thanks for reading today!! <3

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  1. Cinderella is pretty, but we all agree the formula sucks! Lol.. You need layers and layers, and then it's kinda thick. *Sigh*

    But as beautiful as it is, we forgive it right?

    Pretty swatches


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