Orly Space Cadet

Hello lacquer lovers!  Today I present to you one of the only polishes that I have worn for longer than 24 hours in the past 6 months: Orly Space Cadet! =)  This is three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  I think Orly does the prettiest glass fleck polishes.  This one is a multichrome...the polish flashes pink/purple to green to bronze...gorgeous!  The multichrome effect is very strong.  But what makes this so cool is that the multichromatic glass fleck is in a blue base!  You only really see that around the edge of the nail, but it gives it another dimension that makes it super unique!

I apologize for the tip wear...I waited until the sun was right to take these photos (which can take quite some time to find proper sun in Ohio this time of year!) and I'd been wearing the polish for about 48 hours at this point.

This polish was part of Orly's Fall 2010 Cosmic FX Collection and retailed for $10.  I found it in December 2011 at an Ulta in South Carolina while on vacation!  I believe it is still available at some e-tailers.  It's amazing, so if you're into multichrome polishes, I'd say this is a must have!  Do you like the multichrome look?  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all! =)


  1. Wow - that's pretty spectacular!

    Do you really change your nails pretty much daily?

  2. Thanks Josie! Yes, I usually do paint my nails every day or every other day. If I have time, I sit down and swatch a bunch of colors, so I always have something to post on here!

  3. WOW! i have this and have never worn it. i am definitely wearing it next!!

    PS. i'm in Ohio too :)

  4. Wow! I love it! It almost reminds me of their Rock the World!


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