LACQUISTRY Raspberry Toffee!!

Hello fellow lacquer lovers!  I hope you are all having great weeks! =)  Today's polish is so gorgeous, it makes me want to cry!  Real tears.  It's AMAZING.  I think this may be my soul in a bottle...Lacquistry Raspberry Toffee.  I swear, every polish I buy from Lacquistry just blows me away.  This is two coats of Raspberry Toffee on its own with two coats of OPI RapidDry top coat.  After a while (and after these photos were taken), I added a coat of Gelous because it had eaten up the top coat, which in my opinion was a not a problem!

Isn't that GORGEOUS!?  First of all, all of the glitter is suspended in a sweet pink tinted base, which I really enjoyed (that's why I didn't use a base color under the glitter).  There are hot pink hexes and two "toffee" colored hexes - one is more copper and one is more gold.  The micro glitter throughout the polish appears to be a toffee color, but honestly there is such much going on in the polish that it's hard to tell, but it all goes together so well!

If you love this, you will go crazy over all of Lacquistry's polishes.  They are sold in Jenna's etsy shop for $7.50 each, which I feel is a steal!! =)  Due to high demand, Jenna has chosen to occasionally close the store while she catches up on orders, and then reopen.  The best route is to like Lacquistry Nail Polish on Facebook for updates!  I love Lacquistry so much...I'm yet to be disappointed!  Thanks for reading today =) Hope you enjoy these drool-worthy photos!


  1. I am a huge fan of hers as well! I also have and love this polish! I think my a solute favorite is "I Wear My Jewelry on My Nails! Here's my blog if you want to read my Lacquistry posts too! www.thingsiloveatthemoment.blogspot.com

  2. i want that as soon as she reopens i'm getting it :D


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