Good morning beautiful readers! =)  Today I have another gorgeous polish from Lacquistry!  This is one coat Lacquistry Hey Cowboy with one coat OPI RapidDry and then one coat of Gelous to smooth everything out!  Hey Cowboy is dark blue, gold, and soft pink microglitter!  I've included a few photos that are a bit blurry so you can see the full glitter color.

See the pink and gold in there?

Hey Cowboy was beautiful once it was on, but as with any polish that is entirely microglitter, clean up was difficult.  Application was difficult...this polish was THICK.  I think it is three parts glitter to one part polish base (just my estimation haha), which makes it a glitter bomb, but the thickness was a little hard to work with.  However, once it was on, and it was tamed with some thick topcoat, it was gorgeous and sparkly!!  Loved it!  This would be perfect for a fun night out...it is SUPER SPARKLY!

Thick polish...

Lacquistry polishes can be purchased at Jenna's etsy shop for $7.50.  She restocks pretty regularly and is currently surprising us with some new polishes every now and then!  My Lacquistry collection is rapidly growing, and I love every single one!  Lacquistry is definitely my favorite of the handmade polishes I have tried!  They are all so unique and exciting.  You should definitely check it out =)  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all! <3

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  1. I love the glitter!! The more the better! It looks fantastic. =)


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