LACQUISTRY Blackberry Cordial

Hello everyone!  Today's post requires few words.  This is the amazingness that is Lacquistry Blackberry Cordial.  Gorgeous magenta microglitter and hexes of various sizes in a blackberry base!  This is two coats.  Super easy application.  One coat of Gelous followed by a coat of OPI RapidDry...perfection.

Jenna from Lacquistry has done it again.  This may be my favorite one yet! =)  Lacquistry polishes are available for $7.50 at Jenna's etsy shop.  I think this particular beauty is currently sold out, but there are so many gorgeous polishes to choose from!  If you like Lacquistry on Facebook, you can find updates on restocking.  Lacquistry is my favorite handmade polish brand: the selection, price, quality, availability, and above all, creativity of the polish line blows me away!  And Jenna is a sweetie!  You MUST check Lacquistry out =)  Thanks for reading today!  Love you all!


  1. This is my favorite from her too! And that is saying a lot because each one I try becomes my new favorite. LOL


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