Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile Review

Hi everyone!  Today I am excited to share with you a review for a new-to-me etsy shop called Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile.  I was immediately intrigued by this shop, as they sell their polish in cosmetic jars, not traditional bottles!  So, the color I ordered was Frolic (#32).  It is described on the etsy shop as "semi opaque nude base embellished with abundant flecks of copper, blue, turquoise, pinks and greens."  Again, I was intrigued.  In the pictures it looks like a white based polish.  I read in the description that each nail color comes with a bottle of Liquid Fusion (#004), which can be mixed with the polish base to make it less opaque and used as a top coat.  Shipping was prompt and Frolic arrived safely.  The packaging was cute and well presented.

The little pouch contained the polish itself in a cosmetic jar, Liquid Fusion, a "Fusion Stick" and instructions.

I followed instructions and used the Fusion Stick (essentially a wooden coffee stirrer), to stir up the polish in the cosmetic jar.  It mixed up well, but I found that within about 10 seconds, all of the glitter had settled to the bottom again.  You are supposed to use the brush from the Liquid Fusion bottle to apply the polish, so I opened the Liquid Fusion, dipped it into the cosmetic jar and applied polish to my nail.  Since we are all so used to polish in a traditional bottle, this extra step felt a little awkward to me, and I do feel that it affected my application. 

Stirring with the Fusion Stick

Using the Liquid Fusion brush to apply polish.
See how the glitter has already settled?
First of all, my polish does not look like the polish on the etsy site, which was in a white base.  My jar looks like a purple/grey color.   When applied to the nail, it appeared to be a nearly clear base with opaque flakies in it (similar to the type of glitter in Lacquistry's Shredded and Shards lines).  On my left hand, I applied one coat of Cult Nails Get It On base coat, one coat of Frolic, and one coat of Liquid Fusion as my top coat.

Once I saw how clear the base was, I decided to layer it on my right hand.  I applied one coat of Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude to my right hand, followed by one coat of Frolic, and one coat of Liquid Fusion as a top coat.

Over Cruisin' Nude

I think this polish has a lot of layering potential, but the extra step of using it out of a cosmetic jar seems frivolous to me.  If you visit Lacey Lou's etsy shop, she explains the pros of using a cosmetic jar, and I agree with them, except when similar polishes are available in a conventional bottle (perhaps Icing After Party?), I think most people will opt for what they are familiar with.  Liquid Fusion does leave a shiny finish, but in the future I would probably use a coat of another top coat.  Overall, I think I'd give this a 6/10.  It's a pretty polish, but it does not match the product shown on the etsy site (maybe she layered it over white in her photos, but that should then be clearly stated), and the application was not as easy as if in a conventional bottle.  Check Lacey Lou's out...if there's a shade you are head over heels in love with, I'd say it's worth it, but otherwise, I would opt for a similar product in a conventional bottle.  This is just my opinion though; others may love the idea of the cosmetic jar!  She has two polishes that may mimic the feel of a certain black and white polka dot and bar glitter polish.....I'm tempted.

Lacey Lou's polishes are available on her etsy shop for $8.75, which includes the Liquid Fusion bottle.  Thanks for reading today!  Will you check out Lacey Lou's?  

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  1. I saw these on Etsy over the weekend and was considering getting them. Decided against it in the end because polish should be simple, not a hassle.

  2. Great review... Very informative... I just received her polish Spotty Dotty in the mail the other day... It looks pretty, but it will take some getting used to.... I played around with it on a nail art wheel and it looked great over Zoya Bevin...

    Great swatches.

    1. Thanks! Do you like Spotty Dotty? That's the other one I was interested in!

  3. I think it is really pretty, but reminds me of another polish you previously posted!

  4. I just got my LaceyLou's in the mail today. I ordered "Nobody Likes a Cheetah" and "Love Potion". I do agree with that it doesn't look like what it looks like on the site, but I do like the polish. I'm not all about glitter, but if I'm going to buy an indie brand I want something that I can't buy in a store, so glitter and flakes are a simple answer. I will be reviewing Nobody Likes a Cheetah tomorrow, as I just applied the polish. I was googling reviews for her polishes and saw yours and thought it's funny you did yours yesterday. I just took pictures that are similar to yours- the unpackaging and showing the whole shebang that she sends. Like you, I think it's cool, but a little much. Overall, creative and she's worth buying at least one polish from.

    1. I agree...I'm glad I ordered, but I don't see it becoming one of my favorite etsy brands!

  5. Soooo wish I checked your review before purchasing. Just received it the other day and tried it tonight. It definitely doesn't look like the pics on Etsy. I had to stir constantly. I guess it'll be pretty layered over something, but this just seems complicated.


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