Essie Meet Me At Sunset

Good morning everyone!  Happy Saturday!  Word on the street is that orange and tangerine are going to be huge colors for the spring...so it's time I jump on this orange bandwagon!  I honestly didn't own a true orange polish beside a mini orange creme from OPI's halloween set, so I decided to pick one out.  Here we have Essie Meet Me At Sunset!

It's a bright red-ish orange and it's stunning.  I think this baby will be on my toes all summer long!  But, after wearing this for about 20 minutes, I really felt like it needed something else.  Glitter?  Polka dots?  Shimmer?  Tips?  Then it hit me....remember all those OPI Shatter polishes I bought and then quickly decided I was "over"??  Silver Shatter was the first polish that introduced me to the big wide world of nail polish as an obsession, so of course I own quite a few other Shatter polishes.  I decided to go with OPI White Shatter over Meet Me At Sunset.  And I actually liked it!  The white is kind of funky and the textural effect is actually really cool, especially from a distance.

I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing a shatter manicure every single day (well, I know that I won't haha), but every now and then, I'll remember to look to these guys in my collection.  OPI just came out with a new shatter and China Glaze is coming out with an entire new crackle collection, so they aren't going away anytime soon.  Do you ever wear shatter/crackle anymore?  Do you still buy the new ones that come out?  Thanks for reading today! =)


  1. I haven't tried a crackle yet... I don't know, they just look a little... tacky to me. But I so so SO love that Sunset color!

  2. I wish I had acceptable nails....I love those raised matte dots I have seen on your blog...and I like orange...black dots for October?

  3. I also have Essie Meet me at Sunset! Good to know that oranges will be in :) OPI Hot n Spicy is also pretty similar...my mom has that one so I use it when I am home :)


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