The Bath Bomb La Vanille & Morning Sunshine: A Review!

Provided for review

Hello friends!  Today I have a review of two bath bombs from a new-to-me small company: The Bath Bomb!  In the past, I have only tried one other independent bath bomb company (other than LUSH), and I wasn't impressed enough to re-purchase.  I generally stick to what I know I love.  However, when Gregory from The Bath Bomb contacted me, I could immediately tell that this company was legit, and I can definitely say that I whole heartedly recommend these bath bombs!  You can just feel the passion seeping out of every corner of their website, social media, presentation and products.  Gregory and Mathieu use the finest ingredients, and obviously an eye for design and a passion to BRING BACK THE BATH to create a phenomenal product!  The Bath Bomb uses quality butters and oils, organic ingredients, and their products are never tested on animals.

Check out The Bath Bomb's website at ilovemybomb.com!

When I received my package, I was impressed by the branding on the outside of the box.  The Bath Bomb's logo is great.  When I cut the seal on the package, I realized it said in small font Bombs Away on the label that I had just sliced.  That made me so excited for what was inside!  I opened the parcel and found a hand-written note and two beautiful little packages tied up with striped ribbon.  I apologize that I didn't take more photos, but I had to dig in immediately!  Each bath bomb came in a crisp white box with The Bath Bomb's logo on the top, tied up with a bow (see the images below of the bombs in the boxes...almost like little Easter eggs!).  I was super impressed.

The bath bombs themselves are HUGE and HEAVY!  According to their website, their bombs are 25% larger and 40% heavier due to the quality butters and oils that are used.  When you drop one of these babies in the tub, it hits bottom!  The bombs themselves are beautiful: the colors and textures are so natural and organic-looking, that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated just looking at them.  While fragrance and coloring are included in the ingredient lists, it is obvious that harsh, strong chemical fragrances and colorants are not used in these products.  The bombs are handmade and then carefully shrink-wrapped with a tag for easy packaging and storage.  You pull the tag out, and it tears the shrink-wrap, making for easy unwrapping.

I don't want to directly compare, because there are so many different companies out there with different ideologies, and each one has its place, but if you're thinking I want fun colored water and fancy fragrances and cute products..., you will quickly forget all about that stuff when you're in the tub with one of these bombs.  Seriously.  The Bath Bomb bombs are slow-release, meaning they fizz in the tub for several minutes.  Also, all of the bombs also create frothy bubbles in the water!  So so lovely.  Now that we know The Bath Bomb is a fabulous company, let's take a look at the bombs themselves!

The first bath bomb is La Vanille, a brown sugar and vanilla dream!  The bath bomb is a gorgeous creamy color with brown specks throughout.  It smells of sweet vanilla.  So beautiful.  You can see the full ingredient list on the tag below and on the website [here], but I am really impressed with the list!  Great things such as brown sugar, organic vanilla pod, cocoa butter, vanilla oil, lemon oil, kaolin clay, sweet almond oil, aloe leaf juice, and Hamamelis virginiana water (commonly known as witch hazel) in this bomb do great things for your body and spirit!  The citric acid and sodium bicarb make the bomb fizz beautifully in your tub!

This bath bomb fizzed slowly in the bath tub, creating a frothy bubbly layer on the surface.  It smelled so nice...warm, sweet vanilla.  The water felt so fabulous on my skin.  Cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, aloe leaf juice, kaolin clay - these ingredients are soothing and great for the skin.  A great bath bomb for a relaxing evening :)  

Seriously, this was one of the most luxurious baths I've ever had.  The whole experience was relaxing and lovely.  If you're not a floral-scent person or you're sensitive to fragrances, you will love this bomb.  La Vanille is $7.95, which I think is a steal, considering how much lighter, smaller bath bombs cost at other shops.  You can purchase it [here]!

The second bath bomb I was sent to try was Morning, Sunshine.  This beautiful bath bomb smells of citrus and is very uplifting and lovely!  I'm generally not a floral/perfumey scent type of person, so citrus is a dream for me.  This bath bomb features sea salt, orange peel, kaolin clay, jojoba oil, mango butter, sweet orange oil, lemon oil, ylang-ylang oil, and Hamamelis virginiana water (witch hazel)...a phenomenal list of skin-loving ingredients!  You can see the entire ingredient list in the image below or on the website [here].  Imagine how excited I was to soak in a tub full of JOJOBA OIL!  If you read my blog at all, you know that jojoba oil is my favorite ingredient in hand creams and cuticle butters, so this made me really happy!  Jojoba oil is molecularly similar to the sebum that our skin naturally produces, making it a great fit for skin care.

Morning, Sunshine is a light yellow bath bomb topped with gold micro glitter.  Beautiful.  You can smell the orange and lemon oils as soon as you open the box!  As soon as this bath bomb hit the water, it created a thick frothy layer on the surface of the water.  The water turned a light greenish-yellow color and the room filled up with a great citrus-y scent!  I didn't notice the glitter in the water once the bath bomb dissolved, which was fine with me...it makes for a beautiful presentation though!

I was fortunate to have a day that I could do a morning bath with this bomb!  It was a gorgeous snowy morning earlier this week, and a warm bath felt like even more of a treat during daylight hours.  This bath bomb is awakening and energizing, so it's great for mornings or for an evening bath before a night out.  I used it on Monday morning after a super busy weekend...it definitely got me ready for the week!  Morning, Sunshine is $7.95, and I think it is worth every penny.  You can purchase it [here].

After trying these two bath bombs, I can whole-heartedly say that The Bath Bomb is a great company that I can't wait to support in the future.  Like I said in the intro of this post, you can really feel the passion from Gregory and Mathieu in everything they do.  Price-wise, I know these bombs are a great deal because they are full of quality ingredients.  You have to see and feel the size and weight of these bath bombs to believe it!  At this time, The Bath Bomb is only shipping to Canada and the United States.  Be sure to check out their social media and website...you will not be disappointed!


The Perfect Fall Accent Nail with Barielle

Hello polished friends!  Today I have a manicure that is 100% fall!  I did this manicure last week when it was leaves and sunshine and yellow, orange, red, and brown everywhere...now it is white and freezing, so it doesn't feel quite as appropriate!  But I know in lots of places it's still fall, so let's take a look!

For this manicure, I used three coats of Barille Autumn in Seoul, a gorgeously shimmery bronze brown.  Then, I used my It's So Easy StripeRite in black to create a super simple tree silhouette on my accent nail.  I sealed everything in with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.  I feel like I've said this a lot lately, but sometimes, simple is best!

I love the contrast of the brown and black, as well as the metallic and creme finishes.  What's the weather like where you are?!

Barielle product used in this post was provided for previous review.


NEW Pure Ice Holiday Glitters: Swatches & Review!

Provided for review

Hi everyone!  Today I have six polishes to show you from Pure Ice!  I love reviewing Pure Ice on my blog because they are so affordable and accessible to nearly everyone.  As a Walmart-exclusive brand, I know that most of my US readers will be able to track these down, so I'm happy to have Pure Ice on my blog alongside salon and indie brands.  Today, let's look at six NEW Holiday Glitters!  All of these glitters feature dense microshimmer and hex glitters in a clear base, so I have layered them over holiday-appropriate shades, but you could layer these over a variety of colors to make them appropriate for year-round wear!

First up is Pure Ice Bling On The Holidays.  This is a gold microshimmer and gold hexes and small round glitters in a clear base.  Here I've layered one coat over a bold holiday red, OPI What's Your Point-settia? with Out the Door.  So shimmery and Christmasy!

Pure Ice Feelin Ornamental is a gold microshimmer and metallic green hex and small round mix in a clear base.  I layered one coat over OPI Christmas Gone Plaid, an evergreen green, with Out the Door.  You could also layer this over red for an instant Christmas mani (and over white would scream St Patty's!).

Pure Ice Gold Peppermints is a gold microshimmer and metallic light pink hexes and small rounds in a clear base.  I layered this over OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm? with Out the Door, but you could make this one appropriate year-round for sure.

Pure Ice Pure Icicles is a silver microshimmer and matte white hexes and small round glitters in a clear base.  This is the only polish in the collection without the gold shimmer, and I really love it...unique and pretty!  Here I've layered one coat over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Night Fright with Out the Door.

Pure Ice Santa Merry Me is a mix of golden microshimmer with metallic red hexes and small round glitters in a clear base.  You could layer this over all sorts of holiday shades, but here I've layered one coat over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri OMGhost with Out the Door.  Very holiday!

Finally we have Pure Ice Winter Blues, a golden microshimmer mixed with metallic blue hexes and small round glitters in a clear base.  I layered one coat over Virago Varnish Go-Heavy with Out the Door.  This one could be great layered over all sorts of polishes.

Overall, I am REALLY impressed with this set.  The polishes were easy to work with and have fabulous coverage with the shimmer.  The shimmer in each polish really adds something special!  For $1.97 each, these are definitely worth picking up.  Wether you're doing your grocery shopping and have a few extra bucks to pick up a holiday glitter, or you want to splurge on all six (for about the price of one high-end indie polish!), you won't be disappointed!

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