Zoya Delight for Spring 2015: Swatches & Review!

Provided for review

Happy Saturday, polished friends!  I am really excited about today's post...this is the first collection from Zoya in a long while that I've been really really excited about!  Maybe it's because I love spring colors, but this collection really has my heart racing!  Zoya Delight for Spring 2015 is a six-piece set featuring three cremes and three pastels with a fierce, glowing teal-blue shimmer.  So so pretty!  Let's jump right in to the swatches.

Like many pastel polishes, some of these required three coats to smooth everything out.  Application was not difficult at all, but without that third coat, I had a few streaks.

First up is Zoya Daisy, a soft pastel yellow with a teal-blue shimmer throughout.  So creamy and pretty!  Like I just said, I used three coats for the swatch, but surprisingly (for a pastel yellow!), I think you could get away with just two coats in real life with careful application.

Zoya Eden is the perfect bright springy pink!  I love how creamy it is as well.  This is three coats to smooth out some streaks.

Zoya Leslie is a pastel purple with the same bold teal-blue shimmer.  I don't usually do lots of purple, but I really love this...maybe because it's named Leslie and Leslie Knope is my girl!!!  This is three coats, but like Daisy, two coats would be okay with careful application.

Zoya Lillian is a beautiful pastel blue.  I love how this walks a fine line between soft and bright!  This is three coats to smooth out streaks.  My press sample bottle of Lillian arrived broken, but luckily, my local beauty supply already had this collection in, so I was able to pick up a replacement!

Zoya Rayne is a pastel blue with a fierce teal-blue shimmer.  The formula on this one was a bit more sheer than the other two shimmers, but it was still nice in three coats.  This literally glows on the nail!

Zoya Tiana is a beautiful pastel minty green.  I needed three coats to smooth this one out as well...which wasn't unexpected with its pastel color!

Overall, I love this collection.  I'm so happy to be happy with a Zoya Collection again, as the last few just haven't been my style.  The cremes are going to be fabulous in spring nail art, and the shimmers are just awesome.  These beauties are available on Zoya's website for $9 each or $54 for the six-piece set.  I can't really pick a favorite, because I love them all so much, but Eden, Leslie and Daisy really stand out to me.  Which do you like best?!


Milani Rose Powder Blushes: Swatches & Review

Provided for review

Hello, and happy Friday!  I have a quick cosmetics review for you today featuring some of the prettiest blushes I have ever seen!  The Milani Rose Powder Blushes actually contain micro-milled rose petals and have a smooth, matte finish on the cheeks!  As you can see, they come in gorgeously sleek gold compacts and the blushes are pressed into an outstanding rose pattern!

Milani Rose Powder Blush in 05 Coral Cove
Poppy coral

Milani Rose Powder Blush in 01 Romantic Rose
Elegant natural rose

Milani Rose Powder Blush in 08 Tea Rose
Sweet rosey-pink

I swatched these on my arm, using my finger to apply them.  They go on pigmented and smooth.  I used a brush to apply them on my face and loved how they look!  The color is subtle, yet pigmented, at first and can be built up to be as dramatic as you'd like.  Tea Rose is definitely similar to my go-to shade, so I gravitated to that one first, but I'm excited to try Coral Cove and Romantic Rose more moving forward.

1 Milani Rose Powder Blush in 05 Coral Cove
2 Milani Rose Powder Blush in 01 Romantic Rose
3 Milani Rose Powder Blush in 08 Tea Rose

The Milani Rose Powder Blushes are new for 2015 and are available at CVS stores nationwide and online for $7.99.  Milani products are PETA approved and cruelty-free...you know I can't resist cruelty-free, affordable drugstore beauty!

Nail Butter: My Experience & Review!

Provided for review

Hi everyone and happy Friday!  Today I have a review of a product that I have wanted to try for a very long time: Nail Butter!  This product has had a cult following for quite some time, and when Jess (from Love for Lacquer and Nail Butter PR!) contacted me about reviewing, I jumped at the chance!

Nail Butter is an all-natural, handmade nail care product that contains lanolin and a blend of oils that really nourish your nails.  I had avoided Nail Butter for quite some time, for two reasons: 1) I like to use vegan beauty products, and 2) I like to use nail treatments with jojoba oil.  However, Nail Butter is PETA approved as cruelty-free, which makes me feel better about using a product that is just vegetarian (it is not vegan because lanolin/wool wax is derived from sheep's wool...this is also the main ingredient in LUSH Lemony Flutter).  And I kept seeing rave reviews of this product, so I knew that the blend of oils used had to be good!

Nail Butter comes packaged in an adorable, high quality glass jar.  The frosted glass makes it feel really luxurious, and the cute polka dot lid is just so cute!  You get a lot of product in the jar...I've been using this daily for three weeks and have barely made a dent in it!

The ingredient list is as follows: wool wax (lanolin), beeswax, natural emulsifiers (sodium borate, cetyl alcohol), oil of mustard, aloe vera extract, grape seed oil, and gardenia oil.  Nice and simple.  As you can see, there are no artificial colors or fragrances, and no parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

The only small complaint I have about Nail Butter is that the scent is quite strong.  The fragrance comes from the gardenia oil, so it has a natural sweet, floral smell.  The scent isn't bad or fake, it's just strong.  When I first started using the product, it was more noticeable, but now that I've gotten used to it, I do like it. The fragrance lingers on your nails long after the product has soaked in, so if you don't like the floral scent, you may be bothered by it.  But I will say - I tend to be really sensitive to fragrances (headaches, allergies), and this never bothered me in that way.  It was just more of an overwhelming fragrance at first, that I grew to enjoy.  I would love to see an unscented option in the future!

Nail Butter has a thick, creamy, buttery consistency.  When I got it in the mail, it was more of a solid (because it was frozen!!), but it came down to room temperature nicely.  I've used cuticle oils, cuticle balms, and even gels, but this has a really luxurious consistency.  One little scoop is enough to do all ten fingers.  You can see what it looks like in the image below.  For as thick as it is, it soaks in quickly when massaged in thoroughly.

So...the moment of truth!  What was my experience with Nail Butter?!  After using Nail Butter at least once a day for the last three weeks, I definitely see some big changes in my nails.  I don't have weak or brittle nails, but this time of year, I do struggle with ragged cuticles and corner breaks.  I'm really impressed to say I saw these results:
  • My cuticles do not have that dried up, ragged, winter look they usually have this time of year.  And this is all the time, not just right after application.
  • I've had zero hangnails since I started using Nail Butter.
  • Usually, I file my nails about twice a month to maintain a length I am happy with.  Since I've started using Nail Butter, I've had to file about once a week to keep up with the growth.
  • My nails are actually square...I've had essentially zero corner breaks since I started using Nail Butter.

In the above image, you can see my before and after (three weeks) of use.  I would like to note that I filed my nails twice in that time period, and still had a lot of growth to show in this image!  I also had not used any cuticle erasers or pushed back my cuticles in that time period.  There is a bit of true cuticle growth on my nail plate that would easily be removed with CND CuticleAway, but my eponychium is healthy and smooth.  No loose, sore eponychium, no ragged sidewalls, no hangnails, and no dry or flaky skin around my nails...just lots and lots of win!!

So, long story short, I will repurchase Nail Butter!  I've always had pretty nice nails with the nail care routine I've followed in the past, but nothing compares to this!  I've always really loved jojoba oil and almond oil in my nail care, but the blend of ingredients in this product really does something special.  It is a thick product, so it may not be perfect for mid-day, quickie cuticle treatments while you're on the go, but I think it is a must-have for anyone struggling with nail health.  It really treats your nails and skin!

Of all of the products I've used in the past, I would compare Nail Butter to LUSH Lemony Flutter, which also contains lanolin and is cruelty free.  Lemony Flutter includes a long list of organic oils, as well as shea butter and coconut oil, but it also contains parabens and fragrance.  Lemony Flutter is the product that helped me get my nails in shape about four years ago, but if forced to chose now, I'd go with Nail Butter.  The simpler ingredient list produces results I never saw with Lemony Flutter.

It is suggested that you use Nail Butter twice a day for 30 days, and once daily after that.  I encourage you to try it and see the difference it makes!  Moving forward, I will definitely be using Nail Butter once daily as my main treatment, along side other products I've loved in the past throughout the day.  Nail Butter sells for $24 for a 1oz jar with free shipping, so it is a little pricey, but I can assure you it is worth every penny!  Order Nail Butter on their website, and be sure to follow them on social media!

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