31DC14: 01 Red Nails

Hellooooo!  I am so hyped up for day number one of the 31 Day Challenge 2014!  The prompt is 01 Red Nails.  For a long time, I did not like wearing or working with red polish...it just wasn't my shade.  Lately, thanks in part to shiny, sexy red gel polishes (but mostly because of Amy Poehler, her amazing-ness, and awesome red manicures!), I have changed my mind about the color and love wearing it!  I thought about doing a crazy red mani today to officially declare my love to red nail polish, but instead I settled on this super simple cardinal in a tree mani instead.  Cardinals have been special to me for a long time - red was my dad's favorite color and my family and I have always felt like cardinals reminded us of him since he passed away.  

I wanted this to have an abstract-ish look, as if you were viewing it from far away.  I think  pulled that off :)  I started with a base of Milani Color Statement Mint Crush.  I did the tree branches in Zoya Louise, the cardinal in Milani Color Statement Red Label, and the small dots in Milani Color Statement Spotlight White.  I sealed everything in with Glisten & Glow HK Girl.  This is a bit winter-y but I still love it!

It is so exciting to be taking on The Challenge again :)  Check out #31DC2014 on social media (and I'll be using #thelacquerologist31DC2014 on my own manicures too!) to see tons of great "red" manicures today!  See you back here tomorrow for 02 Orange Nails!

Milani and Zoya polishes used in this post were provided for previous review.


Coming in September: 31 Day Challenge 2014!

Hi everyone!  Today I have a special announcement that probably does not come as a surprise: I am participating in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge starting on September 1, 2014!  This will be my third year doing The Challenge and I am so excited!  September is a special month in the nail polish world, thanks to Sarah from Chalkboard Nails who has basically made the ninth month of the year the official 31 Day Challenge month.  I’m really thrilled to take on The Challenge along side so many talented bloggers and Instagrammers!  Be sure to check out #31DC2014 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see lots and lots (hopefully!) of challenge-themed manicures!

No one really knows who originally came up with the prompts, but this has been circulating through the blogosphere for quite some time.  Actually, following Let Them HavePolish, The Nailasaurus and Nails and Noms take on The Challenge back in 2011 was the thing that got me hooked on nail blogs.  I woke up every morning and literally checked their sites first thing.  In 2012, when I had been blogging for about half a year, Sincerely Stephanie and I decided to do The Challenge, not knowing that Sarah from Chalkboard Nails would be launching a huge initiative to get people, bloggers and enthusiasts alike, involved with The Challenge at the same time.  And here we are two years later, and I’m doing this for the third time (Sarah from CN is on her fourth year!!), and the nail world is still hooked!  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with on social media!

Just for fun, check out my 31 Day Challenge recaps from [2012] and [2013]!

I am going to attempt to keep up with my other nail art commitments throughout the month, so keep an eye out for Digit-al Dozen posts during the second week of September and The Lacquer Legion on the 29th.  I can’t make any promises about reviews going up during the month, but I will try my best to keep up with everything!  Check back Monday morning for Day 01: Red Nails.

Graphic from Chalkboard Nails


KBShimmer Fall 2014 Collection: Swatches & Review!

Provided for review

Hello polished friends!  Today's post features polishes from the KBShimmer Fall 2014 Collection!  This nine-piece set includes jelly/crelly-based glitters, a glitter topper, cremes and holographics!  Much like the summer releases, this collection reminded me (again) of how much I love KBShimmer!  I love the unique polishes, the spot-on formulas and the easy-to-use brush!  And as a special treat, Christy Rose has re-released one of her classic Halloween shades, that I will review at the end of this post!  Let's take a look...

First up is KBShimmer A Raisin To Live, a dark brown-red jelly filled with holographic flashing glitters.  So vampy and fall-appropriate!  I used three coats with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat for this swatch, but you could use two coats for a slightly brighter base color.  I liked this much more on the nail than I thought I would when I saw it in the bottle.

KBShimmer Flannel Surfing is a gorgeous dusty blue crelly base filled with a mix of orange, aqua and teal glitters.  This is three easy coats with Clearly On Top.  You could get away with two coats if you don't mind a bit of visible nail line.

KBShimmer How You Dune? is a flawless greige creme.  The perfect mix of beige and gray, this polish will be great on its own, under glitter or under nail art!  This is two easy coats with Clearly On Top!

Another creme, KBShimmer Hugs And Wishes is a dusty lavender.  This pairs so nicely with the dark shades of autumn.  Two easy coats with Clearly On Top.

KBShimmer Kiss And Spell is the glitter topper of the collection.  This is a glitter mix of orange, neon yellow, purple, red and black in various shapes and sizes (including stars) in a clear base.  Here I've layered two coats over Hugs And Wishes with Out the Door.  I made sure to fish out a few stars in the second coat, but it was easy to apply with a blob and spread technique.

KBShimmer Leaf Of Faith is a beautiful berry-red jelly packed with fall glitters in red, orange and gold, and a holographic sparkle.  I loved this one!  Three coats with Clearly On Top.

KBShimmer Rust No One is a gorgeous linear holographic polish.  KBShimmer's holographic polishes go on like butter and have a strong holographic finish.  This is two easy coats with Clearly On Top.

The final creme in this collection, KBShimmer Stonewashed is a dusty denim.  So classic and beautiful!  This is two easy coats with Clearly On Top, but you could probably get away with one thick coat and careful application!

KBShimmer Up And Cunning is a fabulous deep teal holographic.  I almost felt like it was green in some lights.  So so pretty!  Again, the formula is super smooth and lovely.  This is two coats with Clearly On Top.

And to finish up this post, this is KBShimmer Jack, a best-selling Halloween polish that has been brought back for a limited time!  This black jelly is full of orange and black glitters...perfect for Halloween!  Here I used three coats with Clearly On Top, but you could definitely layer this over KBShimmer Eclipse or a black creme.  Be sure to get this one while it's still available!

The KBShimmer Fall 2014 Collection will be available for purchase on September 15, 2014 on kbshimmer.com and their retailers.  As I said above, KBShimmer Jack is a limited release!  Each polish is $8.75, which I think is a steal!  KBShimmer is so fabulous...their polishes are every bit as good as any high end or salon brand I have used, but they are 100x more unique and fabulous.  Will you be picking up any of these Fall 2014 shades?! :)

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