Hello polished friends!  I have a quick and simple nail art post for you today to celebrate SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel.  I don't know about you, but Shark Week has been an awesome part of my summer for almost as long as I can remember.  I think it's fabulous that Discovery devotes an entire week to educating the public about these misunderstood creatures, and raising awareness.  Now, if you follow along on Instagram, you know that I am in North Carolina, where there have been several incidents involving sharks recently, which has tourists really shook up....making Shark Week and education even more important!

I decided to do a minimalist shark-themed manicure this year, with just a hint of nail art on an accent nail.  I polished my nails with China Glaze Rain Dance The Night Away and added the silhouette of a fin with my It's So Easy StripeRite in white, coming in from the sidewall instead of the cuticle. Graphic and fun, but still noticeably Shark Week-appropriate!  I sealed everything in with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Being at the beach where shark "attacks" have happened near-by really puts Shark Week in a different light, but by educating yourself and your family and making cautious decisions, we can spend some time in the sharks' world, enjoying the ocean!  Check out Shark Week info and programming [HERE].

China Glaze polish used in this post was provided for previous review.


Body•Spa•Banquet on The Lacquerologist #4

Hi everyone!  I feel like having monthly posts like this makes you realize how quickly the days fly by.  It always seems like it was just yesterday that I was posting the June edition of Body Spa Banquet on The Lacquerologist.  I planned on posting the first Friday of every month, but because of the holiday, I postponed this one until today!  June was a super busy, super fun month at Body•Spa•Banquet, full of vacations and weddings for my clients!  Let's take a look at these summer manicures (and one pedicure...I HAD to share!)...

Dry brush and leopard in lacquer on the amazing Erin!  She gets her acrylics done elsewhere and I add the nail art :)

Neutral dots in Zoya lacquer on sweet Taylor.

Bright splash flowers in OPI GelColor on Kristin.

Bold leopard in Zoya Oceane on Brooklyn.

Dry brush in OPI GelColor on Jenn for her trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Funky little flowers in OPI GelColor on DR. Liz for a wedding she was in!

Graphic & glitter in OPI GelColor on Rachael for her trip out west.

A beautiful glitter gradient in OPI GelColor on my Aunt Karin for her son's wedding.  These matched her mother-of-the-groom dress perfectly!

Splash flowers in OPI GelColor on Linda for her Myrtle Beach vaca.

Palm trees & glitter in OPI GelColor on Sherri for her Mexican vaca!

Bold summer ruffles in OPI GelColor on Katlyn.

Perfectly bridal gels on Jamie for her wedding!  This is OPI GelColor Funny Bunny + OPI GelColor Bubble Bath! <3

A super subtle waterfall manicure in OPI GelColor on Jessie for her sister's wedding.
Rolling Stones pedicure in traditional lacquer on Cathy!  She wore these to their show in Pittsburgh, PA!

Bold summer dot gradient in OPI GelColor on Kim!

Om yogan nails in traditional lacquer on sweet Taylor.

Pointer finger accent nails in OPI GelColor on Emily.  She always brings in the greatest ideas!

Traditional glitter gradient in OPI GelColor on Jessica.

Custom mixed glitter gels (OPI GelColor and Martha Stewart craft glitters) on Erin!

Tie dye in OPI GelColor on Bridget.
Bridal splash flower in OPI GelColor on Melissa for her wedding!

Pinterst-y accent nails and custom glitter mix in OPI GelColor on Sarah.

Sparkly roses in OPI GelColor on Lindsey for her bridal shower.

Patriotic accents in Zoya lacquer on Taylor.

Pompei Purple & splash flowers in OPI GelColor on Linda.

Swirly color blocking in OI GelColor on Aunt Karin for vaca!

Fourth of July dots and custom glitter in OPI GelColor on Katlyn.

Leopard in GelColor on Lauren.

Fourth of July dots in GelColor on Gina for her trip to Cali!

Fourth of July sound waves and custom glitter in GelColor on Lory.

"Fourth of July threw up on my nails!!!" in GelColor on Jess!

TIE DYE in GelColor on Rachel for vaca!

Abstract floral and custom glitter mix in GelColor on Jamie for vaca!

Bridal glitter gradient on OPI GelColor Chiffon My Mind on Katie for her big day!

Modern, natural french for the mother-of-the-bride in GelColor.

A gorgeous, classic look in OPI GelColor on Anna for her wedding!

Summer is such a fun time of year for nail art.  I can talk basically all of my clients into trying, at least, a splash flower on their big toes...and they end up loving it!  At Body•Spa•Banquet Nails, my services are performed in a health- and eco-conscious, non-invasive style, so I attract some clients that are specifically interested in more more natural services.  In late June, I had a woman named Lauren call and schedule mani-pedi's for her and her daughter, and she expressed that they are very natural people and they would not be interested in nail art.  When they came in, they were just lovely people, and like she said, they chose very neutral shades for their fingers (Zoya Dove and Zoya Kennedy...classics!).  On their toes, the daughter went with Zoya Dove, but I was able to convince the mom, Lauren, to go with a splash flower in a bold teal color, and she LOVED it!  I love that I not only get the opportunity to gain new clients for my business, but I get to connect with other human beings and share something with them that will brighten their future days :)
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