Ohio Nail Girl Canton Meet-up, hosted by Ever After Polish & The Lacquerologist at Body•Spa•Banquet!

Happy Monday, polished friends!  Today's post is a special one - a recap of the Ohio Nail Girls Meet-up that took place on Saturday August 1, 2015 at Body•Spa•Banquet in Canton, OH!  This event was co-sponsored by Rachel and Miranda from Ever After Polish and me!  Rachel wanted to have an Ever After event, I offered my space at Body•Spa•Banquet, and the rest is history.  We decided to do a fairy tale themed event, to go along with Rachel and Miranda's Ever After brand...and it was a lot of fun!  In this post, we'll take a look at the manicure I wore for the event, and then some pictures from the meet-up!  Be sure to check out the #OhioNailGirls and #OhioNailGirlMeetUp2015 tags on social media and request to join the Ohio Nail Girls Facebook Group for more info :)

Top row: Blair @senteroftheuniverse_nails, Jackie @pinkylady24, and Kelly @polishednailsandtales
Standing: Misty @mistynailartjunkie, Andrea @chickettes, Ashley @mrsbarich, Beth @polishedbella, Kiersten @buil_a_nail, Terri @tessabella76_nails, Megan, Ashley @pinklikeparis, Kadryn @kagenails, Penny @pennyt18, Karen, and Miranda @everafterpolish
Sitting/kneeling: Chloe, Shelly @sassyshelly129, Sarah @harasxlacidar, me, Shanin @polishedninja and Rachel @everafterpolish (plus a few sweet mini polish addicts!)

First up, my nails for the day!  I wanted something to go with the fairy tale theme, but I didn't have a ton of time to do something detailed.  I decided to do some crown-inspired graphic moons...

I started with a base of OPI Girls Love Ponies, a perfectly bold pink.  Then, using my striping brush and KBShimer Goldie Rocks, I created some graphic, crown-inspired moons.  So sparkly and really striking.  I sealed everything in with KBShimmer Clearly On Top (my fav!).

I loved how these turned out...fun and graphic, but still theme appropriate.  Plus pink and gold is one of my favorite combos lately!

Now, onto the event!  If you've ever been to Body•Spa•Banquet, you know that it is a tiny space.  After all, it is just me and my business partner, so we don't need a ton of room.  The meet ups in the past have been 10-15 people and in bigger cities, so I figured it would be no problem to host at Body•Spa•Banquet, but when the RSVPs started rolling in, we had almost 30 people wanting to attend!  Luckily, everyone was really flexible and it worked out well, despite the small venue!  My business partner, Stephanie, and I met up on Saturday morning and did a deep clean of the space and moved things around so that the room was open, instead of split into two distinct spaces like it usually is.  I got some pink table cloths and HOLOGRAPHIC BALLOONS, and was really happy with how the space looked! :)

We even had a cookie cake...and the man at the cookie shop never even blinked an eye when I asked him to write "Ohio Nail Girls" on it! :D

Rachel and Miranda set up their Ever After Polish display for people to shop and enjoy!  They had polishes (including prototypes of their fall collection to peek at!) and bath and body products, as well as goodie bags for everyone!  I will be reviewing some of their polishes and products soon, so keep an eye out for that!

My favorite pieces of decor was this awesome holographic skull balloon (that really didn't go with the fairy tale theme, but I wanted it so I got it HAHA) and the tiny little tiaras I had for everyone to wear!  We were all princesses all day!

Because our space inside is so small, and the weather was beautiful, I decided to set up a large table outside in the parking lot specifically for SWAPPING!  In the past, we have swapped at restaurants or out of the trunk of my car (haha) so this worked out really well comparatively.  Everyone put their polishes out and people just sort of took what they wanted.  It seemed like everyone was really fair and happy with what they ended up with.  At the end, people didn't want to take back the polishes they had brought that weren't selected, so we threw everything back in a big bin and I'll bring it to the next event!

We basically hung out, looked at Ever After Polish, swapped, ate cookie cake, drank Fairy Tale Lattes from Muggswigz (they created a specialty beverage in honor of our event!), went to North Coast Beauty Supply, and then had dinner and drinks at Winking Lizard down the street from the spa.  Overall, I think it was a successful day...fun was had by all!  

Usually, I'm the queen of taking pictures, but I didn't do too good of a job this time.  My husband was there with his pro camera for a while to capture some images (you can totally tell which are his in this post!), but I was so busy buzzing around I didn't get pictures with everyone.  Here are the ones I did take...

A HUGE thank you to Sarah, an Instagram follower turned client turned friend, who hung around and helped me clean-up.  We shared a special moment over a Muggswigz Mocha Cookie Crunch to celebrate the successful day... <3

In conclusion, a GIANT, loving THANK YOU to everyone who attended!  It was my first time hosting an event like this at Body•Spa•Banquet, and I loved having everyone.  I hope everyone enjoyed and had a nice time being with like-minded women :)  Also, a big thank you to Rachel and Miranda for co-hosting and providing everyone with a sweet princess goodie bag!  If you live in or near Ohio and would like to meet other polish addicts, please search Ohio Nail Girls on Facebook and request to join.  All are welcome!  

OPI and KBShimmer products used in this post were provided for previous review.


Pretty & Polished Happy Hour Collection Bath & Body: A Review

Provided for review

Happy Friday polished friends!  Today I have quick post featuring some new bath and body products from the Pretty & Polished Happy Hour Collection!  Along with the six-piece polish collection, Chelsea of Pretty & Polished has a wide assortment of bath and body products with cocktail-inspired fragrances for your enjoyment.  I have two of the products to share today...let's take a look!

First up, the Pretty & Polished Strawberry Daiquiri Bubble Bomb, a bubble bar/bath bomb hybrid created for bath time.  You crumble the product up under running water and it softens the water and creates bubbles!  This particular Bubble Bomb smells like strawberries with "notes of whipped cream and rum" ...yummy!!

These Bubble Bombs contain lots of nice ingredients that make the water feel so nice: cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, pink himalayan sea salt and vitamin E!  I used half of the product for my first bath and really enjoyed the fragrance.  If I wanted a super-bubbly, over-the-top luxurious experience, I'd probably use an entire Bubble Bombs!  Bubble Bombs sell for $6.50 each and are available in several cocktail-themed fragrances [here].

Full ingredient list: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Vitamin E, Colorant, Fragrance

Next up, we have the Pretty & Polished Margarita Lime Mani Melts.  These little mani treats come in a three-pack for $3.50, so they are really affordable.  I used one Mani Melt at a time in a bowl and it felt great on my nails, cuticles and skin.  These Mani Melts are definitely melts, not bombs or fizzies.  They don't product a lot of bubbles or fizz, but they definitely moisurize!

Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are two of my favorite ingredients for nail care, and both of those are in these little Mani Melts.  Even without the showy bubbles that some mani bombs have, these pack a punch! :)  The fragrance is bright and uplifting.  I love it.

Full ingredient list: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Skin Safe Colorant, Fragrance

If you enjoy bath and body products or manicure treatments, be sure to check out the Pretty & Polished Happy Hour Collection!  Lots of great fragrances and different options, at affordable prices!



Hello!  Today's post is a fun one!  In an effort to really stretch myself creatively and make my posts a little more fun, I'm going to try to do more manicures that are inspired by experiences I've had and things I've been doing.  I think this will be a fun way to blog about my life, while still making it interesting if you're really only here for the nails ;)  Today's manicure is inspired by basically the coolest place we went on our recent vacation...

Did I got to Stonehenge in England?!  NO!  We were only six hours from home in Natural Bridge, VA, USA...at Foamhenge!  This is a life-size replica of Stonehenge made entirely out of styrofoam located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Yes...it is weird...and YES it is AWESOME!  Foamhenge was created by artist Mark Cline in 2004 and has been featured on many news outlets and magazines.  I love Ancient Aliens and my husband loves weird roadside attractions, so this was perfect for us.  Let's look at the manicure, and then we'll talk more about Foamhenge!

So I did my best to do recreate Foamhenge on my nails!  I free-handed the whole thing, using the following polishes: China Glaze Rain Dance The Night Away, KBShimmer Eyes White Open, Zoya Josie, Zoya Hunter, OPI A-Piers To Be Tan, OPI Lost On Lombard, Deborah Lippmann Desert Moon, and It's So Easy StripeRite in black and white.  I sealed everything in with KBShimmer Clearly On Top!  It's a little cartoony, but I LOVE how it turned out :)

So where is Foamhenge?  It's not visible from the road and there's no sign or parking lot.  We found it on the Google Maps app, and just pulled over to the side of the road and then crawled under a closed gate.  You walk aimlessly for a few hundred feet and then you see the first sign up to your left.  Up on a hill...you see it!  So strange and awesome.

There are a few signs with info about how Foamhenge was built, as well as theories of how Stonehenge was actually built.  There's even a foam Merlin (and a nod to him on my thumb nail!).  I loved the humor in the writing.

Since Foamhenge has been out in the elements since 2004, the weathering on its surface is evident.  Despite that, it really was realistic.  The size of the "stones" really put into perspective what a feat it was for humans (OR ALIENS) to build.  The red Virginia soil, gorgeous tree-covered mountains and buzzing mosquitos snap you back into reality that you are in the Southeastern US, not England!

While in Natural Bridge, VA, we stayed at the Historic Natural Bridge Hotel, and of course viewed the Natural Bridge itself.  It's so breathtaking!  It is run by the Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund, and they have it set up so that it is a nice easy hike/walk with great views of the Bridge.  We've also done the caverns (awesome) and wax museum before (creepy, and I think it has since closed), but we've always skipped the roadside Natural Bridge Zoo (bad news).  If you're into touristy stuff, you'd probably love it there, plus it's in a super beautiful area of the US.  Have you ever visited Natural Bridge, VA or Foamhenge?!

China Glaze, KBShimmer, Zoya, OPI and Deborah Lippmann polishes used in this post were provided for previous review.

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